WhatsApp is unarguably the most used chat client worldwide. Given its awesome features (and frequent updates), users love to share audio, video, documents, texts etc. with each other. While everything of WhatsApp deserves praise, there is one thing users don’t like: they have to add the contacts before they could send any message. Normally, we don’t like the idea of saving contact numbers of people, who are associated with us for a day or two; for example, it is quite painful to save numbers of courier boy or delivery man, or people who do some odd jobs at office. Since you want to communicate with them via WhatsApp, you have to add them. Not anymore! With the help of a third-party app, you can now send WhatsApp messages without saving number on Android.

Note that you can send WhatsApp messages to unsaved on your Android phone only; this app doesn’t support iOS devices. So you can’t send WhatsApp messages to unknown number on iPhone or iPad. On your Android phone, you can easily use this app and it is easier sending WhatsApp messages without saving number.

How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Adding Contacts

Step #1: First off, download this third-party application Click2Chat WhatsApp from Google Play Store. This app is free, so you are not required to spend a penny.

Download and Open Click2Chat WhatsApp

Step #2: Once you download and install the app, launch it on your Android device from app drawer.

Step #3: This app allows you to enter a specific country code and then you can type in the number you want to send a chat to.

Select Country Code Enter Mobile Number and Type your Message

Step #4: Next, start typing your message and then just hit ‘Send Now’ button.

Tap on Send Button

Step #5: You are now landed on your original WhatsApp app, from where you can tap on Send button.

If you don’t want to send that message right now, you can schedule WhatsApp message on your Android phone.

That’s it!

This is how you can send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts to your Android phones.

WhatsApp has introduced extraordinary features to its Android and iOS versions of late. We hope that the app will consider this feature in its next few updates.

Till then, you can enjoy using Click2Chat WhatsApp app on your Android device.

Apart from chatting and sharing audio/visual contents, WhatsApp is now used to create event reminder directly from WhatsApp conversation on iPhone; people can set password and lock WhatsApp on Android phone.

To add more fun to your conversation, you can convert videos into GIFs in WhatsApp on Android device.

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