How to Set Alarms and Timers on Amazon Echo Using Alexa

Slowly and gradually, your Amazon Echo device is taking place of your smartphone. Though the device cannot make calls directly (it doesn’t have a SIM card), it can surely perform a lot many tasks independently.

In its recent update, Amazon enabled Echo users to set recurring reminders and Named Timers. And now you can set recurring alarms and timers on Amazon Echo.

Once you set alarms and timers using Alexa, you can pause or cancel the timers, delete or repeat alarms, and change the volume or sound for timers and alarms. So let’s explore this feature and set recurring alarms and timers with Alexa on Amazon Echo.


How to Set Alarms and Times with Alexa on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Echo Show

ways to set alarms and timers on amazon echo using alexa

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To Set up Timers, ask Alexa

“Set a timer for 15 minutes”

“How much time is left on my timer?”

“What timers are set?”

“Cancel the timer”



To Set up Alarms, ask Alexa

“Set an alarm for 5:00 AM”

“Set a weekday alarm”

“When is my alarm set?”

“Cancel the alarm”




How to Set Music Alarm With Alexa

Every day, you wake up to the same alarm ring in the morning, which may sound ugly to your ears. But now you can add music alarms to Alexa, so that you can listen to your favourite songs or music and a melodious song wakes you up.


How to Use Timers with Alexa App

ways to use timers with alexa app

You can use your voice to set or cancel timers with Alexa; later, you can manage settings in the Alexa app. For example, if you want to set a countdown timer, say “Set a laundry timer for 30 minutes”.

Once this timer is set, you can manage this named timer with Alexa app; in other words, you can ask Alexa how much time is left, or you can stop, cancel, or resume this named timer.

Open Alexa app and follow the steps to manage an existing timer.

Step #1: Choose Alerts & Alarms from Menu.

Step #2: Next, select your device from the drop-down list.

Step #3: Now you need to choose the Timers tab to see the status of your timers.

Step #4: Choose the timer you wish to manage, and then choose Pause or Cancel.

If you have set up two or more timers for the same amount of time, you should use Alexa app to cancel them.


How to Set Recurring Alarms with Alexa

ways to set recurring alarms with alexa

You can set alarm using your voice by saying “Set an alarm for 5 AM. To repeat the alarm, say, “Set a repeating alarm for Monday at 5 AM. (You can change time and day as per your need)

While the alarm is ringing, you can say “Snooze,” and it will give you extra nine minutes.

Once a new alarm is created with your voice, you can edit the alarm in the Alexa app.

Launch Alexa app and manage existing alarms by following steps given below.

Step #1: Open the Menu and choose Timers & Alarms.

Step #2: Select your device from the drop-down list.

Step #3: Choose the Alarms tab.

Step #4: Choose the existing alarm.

Step #5: Choose any option given under Repeats:

  • Never Repeat
  • Everyday
  • Weekdays
  • Weekend
  • Every [day of the week]
  • Delete Alarm

Step #6: Select Save Changes.


How to Editing Existing Alarms from iOS or Android Phone

ways to edit existing alarms from ios phone

Step #1: Launch Amazon Alexa app on your iOS or Android device or Open from browser.

Step #2: Tap on Menu and Choose Timers & Alarms

Step #3: Select Echo device from the drop-down menu.

Step #4: Tap on Alarms tab.

Step #5: Here you will find Alarm you have set before. Select the one you want to edit.

Step #6: Now choose any options provide under Repeats, select an option: Never Repeat, Everyday, Weekdays, Weekend, Every [day of the week], Delete Alarm.

Step #7: Select Save Changes.


How to Cancel or Delete Alarms

Step #1: Go to Alexa app or Open from browser.

Step #2: Select Timers & Alarms from Menu

Step #3: Select Echo device from the drop-down menu.

Step #4: Tap on Alarms tab.

Step #5: Press on Alarm you want to delete.

Step #6: Select Delete Alarm option from Repeats options.

Step #7: Select Save Changes.

Just in case, If you want to pause an Alarm then toggle off alarm from Alarms tab.


How to Change Volume or Sounds for Timers and Alarms

ways to change volume or sounds for timers and alarms

Without disturbing other sounds on your Alexa devices, you can easily change or adjust the timer and alarm volume.

Launch Alexa app and follow the steps to change/adjust the sound or volume for timers and alarms.

Step #1: Launch Menu and choose Timers & Alarms.

Step #2: Now select your device from the drop-down list, and next select either Timers or Alarms tab.

Step #3: Next, you can select from below-mentioned options:


For Timers: Manager timer volume

For Alarms: Manage alarm volume and default sound, or you can choose a single alarm to select a different Alarm Sound.


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