Customizing the user interface (UI) in your own way makes the experience more immersive. Good features like lock screen shortcut customization will not be available in the latest version of Android Oreo (Version 8.0). All users may not like to use what is set in the shortcut from before. They will want to but won’t find the option to change the shortcut according to their own will. But if you are determined to have the feature back in your phone which is running the latest Android, there is a solution. Follow the procedure which involves some lengthy but simple steps and you can Set Custom Lock Screen Shortcuts in Android Oreo.

Before starting, you have to install Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool in your PC or laptop.

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How to Set Custom Lock Screen Shortcuts in Android Oreo 8

Step #1. Open Playstore and search for the following app “Package Name Viewer 2.0”. Download it.

Step #2. Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings → System → Developer Options. Scroll down and search for “USB Debugging” and turn the toggle on. Some phone may have the option in Settings → About Phone → tap “Build Number” 7-8 times to activate Developer Mode.

Step #3. Launch “Package Name Viewer” and you’ll see the list of all installed apps on your phone. Select an app you want to replace with that in the lock screen shortcut. Note down the details shown in the window i.e. Package Name and Activity Name.

Here, I’m taking Google Maps as an example for this procedure.

Package Name -
Activity Name -

Step #4. Connect your phone with PC or laptop via USB data cable and launch Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool. A cmd window will open up. Type the commands as follows:

To change the left-side shortcut:

adb shell settings put secure sysui_keyguard_left "PACKAGE NAME/ACTIVITY NAME"

To change the right-side shortcut:

settings put secure sysui_keyguard_right "PACKAGE NAME/ACTIVITY NAME"

Now the command for Google Maps:

adb shell settings put secure sysui_keyguard_right ""

At last, the lock screen shortcut has changed.

Choose any other app of your choice and follow the procedure mentioned above. Be careful while noting down the Package and Activity Name. Mistyping the command will result in failure of this process. If you wish to revert the shortcut to its stock form, follow the steps below:

1. Open Minimal ADB
2. Type this command:

For left side shortcut: adb shell settings delete secure sysui_keyguard_left

For right side shortcut: adb shell settings delete secure sysui_keyguard_right

That’s it! The shortcuts will revert back to what you have seen previously.

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