How to Set Desktop Picture in Photos for Mac

People love to personalize their digital devices. In their efforts to personalize their smart devices, they always think of their near and dear ones. Pictures or images of their family and friends play a huge role in their journey to personalize devices like smartphones and laptops. Mac users love to set photos of their kids and spouse as desktop pictures. If you own a Mac, you can also set a photo as wallpaper on Mac.

You find Photos for Mac quite different from Aperture or iPhoto; however, this provides you same features, which include a quick solution to set a photo as your desktop picture.

There are many moments in your life that you want to capture quickly and then set the same picture as your wallpaper; in this case, setting a desktop picture in Photos for Mac is the best solution.

Walk through a quick guide that helps you set your desktop picture in Photos for Mac. The process is pretty much simple; as if you were selecting a photo you want to use. What remains next is clicking the Share button and then selecting ‘Set Desktop Picture’ option.

How to Set Desktop Picture in Photos for Mac

How to Set a Photo as Wallpaper on Mac

Step #1: Launch Photos app on your Mac.

Step #2: Click on Share Selected Photos button seen on the top right corner of your Mac screen.

Step #3: Now click on Set Desktop Picture.

Step #4: Use System Preferences to adjust layout of desktop photo.

If you love to capture beautiful photos and like to set them as desktop picture, you can share your feedback with us. There are many self-appointed photographers always looking for perfect shots. You can enhance the performance of your iPhone camera by the best camera lenses for iPhone; these lenses will improve the awesomeness of your iPhone photography.

Many users store their photos in iPhone or iPad, and want to set desktop picture on Windows computer. In this situation, they can transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to Windows 10 PC.

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