With so many chat clients available on the market, Facebook Messenger has surely broken the clutter by launching awesome features. The latest one is the way you can create event reminders in Messenger. If you have created a group of friends on Facebook Messenger, you can set event reminder in Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android.

Normally, people like to create groups on WhatsApp, but this chat client doesn’t offer any feature to create event or reminders. To create its uniqueness, Messenger app has added this excellent feature to set plans in Messenger.

You can set event reminder on Facebook Messenger for a group as well as for an individual. Here, we will deal with a workaround on how to set reminder on Messenger.

How to Set Event Reminder in Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android

How to Set Event Reminder in Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android

You can set event reminders for an individual and for group also. For the latter, you need to create a group or you can use the existing group if it is already created by you. Method for how to send an event reminder on Facebook for group and individual is the same.

Step #1: First off, launch Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone.

Step #2: By default, you will land on Home screen of the app. If you want to set event reminders for a group, tap on Groups icon and then select the group.

Step #3: To set reminders for an individual, tap on the person with whom you want to share reminders.

Step #4: Next, tap on the ‘+’ icon from the bottom menu.

Tap on + icon

Step #5: This will bring up two rows of option; the upper row displays Location, Plans, Video Clip, Quick Photo, and GIFs. The lower row has Extensions. You need to tap on Plans from the upper row.

Tap on Plan

Step #6: Now you can see a menu that swipes up from the bottom. You can select the time for today or you can choose different time.

The moment you tap on Today at (time), a plan will be sent to your contact you have selected from the list.

If you select ‘Choose Different Time’, you can find an option ‘Choose Time’. Here, you can select date and time (if you want to set reminders for future).

Tap on today or choose different time

Step #7: Once you select the date & time, tap on Save button. And your plan will be sent to the person you have chosen from the contact list.

Select Time and Tap on Done

Once event reminder is set, you can add name and location to the event.

Step #1: Gently tap on the event window.

Tap on Event

Step #2: You will be landed on the Plan screen, where you can give a name to the event.

Plan Window

Step #3: Tap on Name and Name Plan pop-up appears; enter the name of event and tap on ‘Save’.

Tap on Name and Name the Event

Step #4: Next, tap on Location, which is right below the Name option.

Step #5: If your Location service is enabled, Messenger will quickly list Nearby Places from which you can select a location. Alternatively, you can Search or enter a location in the text field (where cursor is blinking).

Disable Location feature and set event location

If your Location service is not enabled on your smartphone, Messenger will ask you to go to Settings of your phone and enable Location feature.


Facebook has clean forgotten to integrate Name and Location into the Event Reminder feature. Ideally, a user, who creates event reminder, should be able to integrate both Name and Location while creating a reminder. But here, the user has to add Name and Location once the event reminder is sent to other person or persons if the event reminder is for a group.

Another bug we have noticed in this feature is that admin (one who creates event reminder) doesn’t have any rights to control or make changes in the event reminder. Any recipient – whether individual or a member of group) has got authority to turn off Facebook Messenger event reminder or make changes in it.

How to Delete Event Reminder on Facebook Messenger

It is pretty damn easy!

Step #1: Open Facebook Messenger on your phone and tap on the person with whom you have shared an event reminder.

Step #2: Now tap on reminder in the chat window.

Tap on event reminder located on top

Step #3: Tap on Delete icon and you will be asked to confirm your action.

Tap on Delete

Step #4: Tap on Delete again and you can turn off Facebook event reminder.

Event reminder has a long way to go. As mentioned above, Facebook has to work upon the bugs to improve the functionality of this feature. At the same time, Facebook should also launch this feature in the web version of Messenger app.

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