How to Set Reminder on Amazon Echo

Recently, Amazon has rolled out an amazing update. And this enables Echo users to set reminders on their Amazon Echo. This cool new feature allows users to set reminders for small everyday chores. For example, for diabetics, they can set a reminder to check blood sugar two hours after their lunch. You can ask your Echo to remind you of taking medicine after every meal. Now let’s get down knowing how you can set reminder on Amazon Echo.

It is quite easy for any Amazon Echo owner to create reminder using Alexa. Before you learn to set reminder, you need to make sure that you tell the time with AM or PM. Unlike Siri and Google Assistant, doesn’t recognise the difference between AM and PM. Moreover, the reminder you set is applicable to the devices you set them on. This means if you have set a reminder on Amazon Echo, which you place in kitchen, the reminder will be bound to that device only. This obviously applies to users who own more than one Amazon Echo devices at home or office. So without any delay, let’s learn how to set reminder on Amazon Echo.

After creating much suspense, the trick comes simple. Simply say, “Alexa, remind me to feed dogs at 6 PM”. Similarly, you can say, “Alexa, remind me to check blood sugar at 3 PM”. Isn’t it simple? Now you can say different commands to set reminders on your Amazon Echo.

Amazon has introduced another good feature for Echo users. Named Timers will allow users to set multiple Named Timers and give each timer a name. For example, if you are cooking more than one dish in your kitchen, you can say Alexa how much time left on your ‘chicken’ timer, or how much time left on the ‘rice’ timer.

As of now, the above two features are available for US users, and in the next few weeks, the same features will be available for users in UK and Germany.

Apart from the above two features, Amazon Echo is packed with other cool features like use Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth speaker, call and message friends using Alexa, use Amazon Music Unlimited with Amazon Echo devices etc.

If you have Amazon Echo at your home, you can protect your device with essential accessories like Amazon Echo stands, Amazon Echo wall mount, Amazon Echo cases etc.

And to end with, use this list of Alexa commands for Amazon Echo and have fun.

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