When you migrate from iPhone to Android phone, you would obviously transfer contacts and photos from iPhone to Android. But apart from this, you can also get iCloud email account on Android phone. By doing so, you don’t need to discard your iCloud email address.So here is how to setup iCloud email account on Android smartphones.

To setup iCloud email account on Android, you must have a Google account, i.e. Gmail on your Android device. The process is pretty simple as it is possible integrate your Apple iCloud email address in Android and use it comfortably.

How to Set up an iCloud Email Account on Android Phone

How to Setup iCloud Email Account on Android Phone

How to Get iCloud Email Account on Android

Apart from Gmail app, you need to download an app called ‘Email’ on your Android phone or tablet. Note that the app may appear dissimilar in different Android devices. But its function should be the same as you have to set up iCloud account with the help of IMAP and SMTP.

Forget the appearance (as appearance is deceptive), simply focus on the results. Go ahead and add your iCloud email address to Android phone or tablet.

How to Add an iCloud Email Address to Android

Step #1: Open Settings on your Android device (bring down notification shade and tap on cogwheel).

Step #2: Now tap on Accounts. On many Android devices, this option can be listed as ‘Cloud and accounts’.

Step #3: Next, tap Add account.

Step #4: Here, you need to tap on Email; if Email option is not available, tap on Personal (IMAP) next to the Gmail icon.

Note that if you select Gmail option, it will automatically identify iCloud address and fetch the correct server settings.

But if you have selected Gmail, you need to add server settings manually.

For incoming mail server:

Name of the server: imap.mail.me.com

SSL required: Yes

Port: 993

Username: It is the name portion of your iCloud email address. So if it’s stevejobs@icloud.com, consider just the “stevejobs” part.

Password: Use your iCloud email address password. You can also select to generate an app-specific password.

For outgoing mail server:

Name of the server: smtp.mail.me.com

SSL Required: Yes.

Port: 587

SMTP Authentication Required: Yes

Username: Use your full iCloud email address, including @icloud.com.

Password: You have to use the same password as you used in the incoming mail server section.

Step #5: Finally, tap on Next or Continue or whichever completes the process.

In case you find an error message in SSL required section (incoming or outgoing mail servers), you can use TSL.

Above method should help you in setting up an iCloud email account on your Android device. If you have used iPhone or iPad for quite a long time, you may feel a bit tired of following the steps, but it will deliver results. And your existing email will be added to your new Android phone or tablet.

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