How to Create AirPort Base Station and Guest Network on Mac

It’s time to bid farewell to the slow Internet connection you have been working with until now. All you need to do is set up a Wi-Fi access point that gives great Internet without any hassles. If technology intimidates you and you have no earlier experience of setting up a Wi-Fi access, don’t lose your hope as Apple’s Airport Base Station is here to your rescue. The built-in AirPort utility makes it even easier to setup the AirPort Base Station and Guest Network on Mac.

Set up the AirPort Base Station and Guest Network on Mac and unleash the power of Apple’s router to initiate your journey of working on the best Wi-Fi network.

How to Setup AirPort Base Station and Guest Network on Mac

How to Setup Your AirPort Router

Follow the below-mentioned steps to set up your AirPort router:

Step #1. The first thing that you need to do is plugging your AirPort Base Station in a power outlet.

Step #2. Using an Ethernet Cable, connect the modem that you got from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to the AirPort Extreme.

Step #3. Make sure that you plug the wire in the bottom-most port present at the back of the AirPort Base Station.

Step #4. Now Click on Finder → Applications → Utilities folder and then open AirPort Utility.

Step #5. In the upper-left corner of your screen, click on the Other Wi-Fi Devices option.

Step #6. For setting up the AirPort for some additional properties, click the Other Options option present at the bottom-left corner.

Step #7. Select the option Create a new network and click on next.

Step #8. Enter your preferred Network Name and a Base Station Name or leave them as it is.

Step #9. In the next column, enter the Password. You can either have one password for both the Wi-Fi networks or for additional security you can have different passwords for both of them. In case you want to have one password, check the Use a single password checkbox.

Step #10. Here, you need to enter your choice of password. You can use single password for both Wi-Fi networks and to configure AirPort by clicking on ‘Use a single password’ checkbox (It is recommended that you use separate passwords for extra security).

Step #11. Click on the Next option.

Step #12. Enable Guest Network if your Airport has option over here and then click on next

Step #13. Click the Done option.

How to Set up a Guest Network on Mac

If you are often visited by a lot of visitors, you can create a Guest Network for them in order to keep your password confidential. The Guest Network will enable all of them to enjoy Internet connectivity and will give you the peace of mind that your password is secured. For setting up a Guest Network on your Mac, follow the below-mentioned procedure:

Step #1. On your Mac, Open the AirPort Utility.

Step #2. At the bottom of your screen, select the Your Base Station option.

Step #3. Then click on the option Edit.

Step #4. On the top, click the Wireless tab.

Step #5. Now, check the Enable Guest Network checkbox.

Step #6. In the blank box provided in front of the Network Name, enter the name you want to give your guest network. Make sure it’s different from your Secured network’s name.

Step #7. Select the level of Guest Network Security. In case, you want it to be secured then choose WPA2 option and if you don’t want it to be secured, then select the None option.

Step #8. If you have chosen to secure your network to be secured, then enter the Guest Network Password and then verify it.

Step #9. Click on the Update option.

Step #10. In the end, Restart your Base Station.

Once your AirPort Base Station reboots, you can start connecting the devices you want to your access point.

Would You Like to Extend Your Network?

If you want a better coverage for your multi-storey abode, then you will need to extend your network with the help of Bridged Mode. All you got to do is install additional access points in this configuration mode. To know more about how you can extend your network, stay tuned to our website.

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