Apple Music has become more social after the release of iOS 11. Apple Music is adding user profiles, which allow users to follow and be followed by other subscribers of Apple Music. This enables users to see what their friends and colleagues are listening to and the playlists they share. If this sounds exciting, go ahead and setup and customize Apple Music user profile.

Once you set up and modify user profile in Apple Music, you can claim your nickname (as you do with Twitter). This tutorial tells you how you can claim your Apple Music nickname, add a photo to Apple Music profile, set up and delete your Apple Music profile in iOS 11.

How to Setup and Customize Apple Music User Profile

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How to Claim Your Apple Music Nickname

Step #1. Launch Apple Music App on your iOS device

Step #2. Tap on For You tab from the bottom of the app screen.

Step #3. Tap on Profile Picture located in the top right corner.

Step #4. Hit on your name and enter new name if you want to modify existing name.

Step #5. Type your desired Apple Music Nickname if you want to use it.

Step #6. At last, Tap on Done.

How to Add a Profile Picture to Apple Music

Step #1. Open Apple Music App on your iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Now tap on For You tab.

Step #3. Next, tap on Profile Picture.

Step #4. You need to tap on your name.

Step #5. Tap on Edit to change or add Profile Picture.

Step #6. Now, Select your photo from Photo Album or take a new one.

Step #7. Once you are done with selecting photo or taking new one, tap on Done.

How to Setup Apple Music Profile in iOS 11

Step #1. Launch Apple Music App on your iOS 11 device.

Step #2. Hit on For You tab from the bottom of the app window.

Step #3. Tap on your Photo located on the top right corner of app.

Step #4. Tap on Sharing with Friends.

Step #5. Hit on Get Started.

Step #6. If you are just using it for first time, you need to enter your Name and Nickname here.

Step #7. To move further you need to tap on Next.

Step #8. Choose any one option from Everyone or People You Choose to decide who can follow you.

Step #9. Tap on Next.

Step #10. Now choose which playlists you want your followers to see.

Step #11. Next, just get connected with Facebook to find more friends who can follow you on Apple Music app.

Step #12. Tap on Next

Step #13. Select which Notifications you want to see.

Step #14. Finally, tap on Done.

How to Delete Your Profile from Apple Music on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

Step #1. Go to Apple Music and tap on For You Tab.

Step #2. Tap on your Profile Picture.

Step #3. Tap on Edit.

Step #4. Tap on Delete Profile.

Step #5. Finally, you need to tap on delete profile again to confirm your action.

That’s all.

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