How to Setup Face ID on iPhone X

Your face is your password. This is how Apple promoted Face ID feature on its latest iPhone X. Now you can make payments using your Face; earlier, you used to make payments with your Touch ID. Now there is no home button and hence, Touch ID is gone for good (fingers crossed). In the earlier iterations of iPhone, you had to set up Touch ID; similarly, you need to setup Face ID on iPhone X.

Since Face ID is a new feature, there lot of questions around this technology. Apple claims that it has used TrueDepth camera system and other innovative technologies to introduce this Face ID. This TrueDepth technology coupled with other innovative technologies work in real time and use detailed depth map of user’s face. However, the question lingers whether your doppelganger can open your iPhone X with a Face ID. As of now, there is no answer. Only time will tell. Till then, you can explore this feature, but first, you need to configure Face ID on iPhone X by following a method given below.

How to Setup Face ID on iPhone X

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone X from home screen.

Step #2: Now tap on Face ID and Passcode (yes, it has replaced the old Touch ID and Passcode option).

Step #3: Now you need to tap on Enroll Face.

Step #4: On your iPhone, a Face ID Set-up screen appears.

Here, you will be prompted to move your head gently so that the software can fully recognize your face features.

Step #5: Tap on Get Started.

Step #6: Next, position your face within the frame.

Now move your head gently to complete the circle.

Your Face ID Scan will be completed in a couple of seconds or minutes.

Here, you need to tap on Continue after the First Face ID scan complete.

Step #7: Once again start moving your face slowly within the frame to get second Face ID scan complete. This process allows your iPhone X to take all angles of your face.

That’s it!

Now your Face ID set-up process is done on your iPhone X.

The success of Face ID features largely depends on a number of issues users face. If the number is less, it will be a huge success for Apple. On the back of my mind, I think that Apple introduced Face ID technology as part of its pilot project (the tenth anniversary can be a smokescreen). If users welcome this feature whole-heartedly, the tech giant will launch all its future iPhones (including ‘s’ and ‘s Plus’ versions) with Face ID.

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Do you like this information on how to Setup Face ID on iPhone X? It’s all game of guess now. We need to wait for the next iPhone 9 or 8s series. Till then, you can enjoy using this Face ID feature and share your valuable feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.



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