How to Set up Google Play Family Library on Android [Complete Guide]

Sharing is caring. This adage is particularly relevant when it comes to your family, which is your first priority in life. While you are sharing so many things on social media channels, you would probably think of sharing music, games, movies, books and other interesting content with your family on Google Play Family Library on your Android smartphone.

Thankfully, it is now easy for you to share things with your family of five members. Follow this detailed information and start sharing exciting stuff with your loved ones.

Points to Ponder

  • You can add content purchased after July 2, 2016 to your Family Library.
  • Members of family can also use family payment method for Google Play purchase and in-app purchase as well.
  • If members belong to the age group of 13-17 years, you can approve their purchases.
  • Family members can access contents only if they are living in the same country as you do.

Set up Google Play Family Library on Android Smartphone Complete Guide

How to Set Up Google Play Family Library On Android

Step #1: First off, follow this link. If the Google Play in your country offer you this option of Family Library, you will be landed on the Sign Up page.

Step #2: Tap Continue.

Step #3: Here, you have the option to select all purchases made previously or you can also choose them one by one later.

Step #4: If you choose, “I’ll add them later one by one”, you should go to individual apps, movies, books etc. list and then turn on Family Library. Once you finish this, tap Continue. This ensures that you are signed up on Family Library.

Step #5: Now you are required to set up family payment method; this will allow you and your family members to buy stuff on Google Play.

Step #6: Swipe in the Google Play side navigation.

Step #7: Select Account and then Payment Methods.

Step #8: This will show you a list of currently available cards; you can also see an option to “Change family payment plan” at the bottom of the screen.

Step #9: A pop-up will appear displaying all eligible cards on the screen. Tap on the dot next to the payment method you want to choose and then tap OK.

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Now you can see the Family Library icon attached to the family payment method.

Step #10: Set up a Family Group to share items with family members.

Swipe out to use Google Play side navigation and then select Account, and tap on Family.

Step #11: Tap on the option of “Manage family members”.

Step #12: Since you have become “Family manager”, you can “Invite family members” by tapping on ‘+’ button.

Note that you can invite up to five members to join this group.

Step #13: Here you need to make your mind up whether you wish to auto add new purchases or not.

Step #14: Swipe out to gain access of Google Play menu.

Tap on Account → Family → Family Library settings.

You can see the options for Apps & Games, Movies & TV, and Books.

Step #15: Settle on whether you want to share all newly purchased items with Family Library or not.


If you do not wish to add items manually, use this option of ‘Add items automatically when purchased’. Otherwise go for ‘Don’t add automatically, I’ll add myself. By this second option, you can stop kids and minors from accessing some adult content.

Being a family manager, you can easily grant access to items in your Family Library. You just need to use those toggles in app lists for items you have purchased.

As a family member, you can see Family Library tab in “My apps & games” page. Here, you will see all purchased games and apps available to you. In app lists, you can see who purchased the items for Family Library.

Family Library is a great way to share interesting contents with your family members. It certainly saves a few bucks in your family. Do you find this information helpful? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter andGoogle+.

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