Android smartphones can now stand firm against arch rivals iPhones and iPads. If I have to appreciate Google Inc for a single reason, it would be Find My Device – an app developed by the search engine giant. This app was there for the last two years, but now Android Device Manager has picked up its major update and brings the visual layout. The interface of this app has seen a sea-change and therefore, it requires a fresh look. This process of using Find My Device on Android to track lost Phone is a pretty long.

Since Find My Device has become a part of Google Play Protect, it is rebranded. And now it protects your smartphone from nasty contents. Apart from locating your Android device, Find My Device also tells you the battery status of your lost device and the Wi-Fi network the device is connected to. Follow this complete guide on how to locate, lock and erase data remotely on lost Android Phone with Find my device App.

How to Find, Lock and Erase Data on Lost Android Phone

How to Set up, Locate, and Ring Find My Device on Android Phone

First off, you need to check if Find My Device app works on your Android device.

Is My Device Compatible with Find My Device?

If your Android phone or tablet is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later versions of Android OS, you can go ahead and install Find My Device.

How to Install Find My Device on Android Phone/Tablet

You don’t need to search this app on Play Store; we have made your life easier. Simply click on the link and download/install the app on your phone.

How to Sign into Find My Device

Once the app is installed on your device, you need to use your Google account to sign into Find My Device. If you are signed into more than one Google account, choose the one you are using regularly.

Step #1: Launch Find My Device app from app drawer or home screen.

Step #2: Next, choose the Google account you want to use this app with.

Step #3: Now, tap on Continue button.

Step #4: Type in your Google account password.

Step #5: You need to tap on Sign in.

Step #6: Give location access to this app.

How to Check if your Phone is Discoverable with Find My Device

After signing up in to Find My Device, a map will show you the current location of your device; moreover, you can also see the brand and model of your phone. There are two options: Play Sound and Enable Lock & Erase.

Step #1: Launch Find My Device app on your Android phone/tablet.

Step #2: Now choose your phone/tablet from the list of devices seen at the top of the screen (in case you have signed into more than one phone).

Step #3: Next, you can check if your device is discoverable.

When you fail to find your mobile or if the app says that your device is unavailable, you need to check the status of location services on your phone/tablet. Find My Device uses GPS to track your phone, and therefore, you should enable location services on your Android phone.

Step #1: Launch Settings on your phone.

Step #2: Tap on Location.

Step #3: Next, you should toggle ‘Enable location services’ ON.

How to Track and Locate Your Android Device Over Internet

You can locate your phone remotely if you have lost it. You can use Find My Device website and need to sign in with your Google account credentials you have used while setting up Find My Device app. There is another option of searching ‘find my phone’ key phrase in Google and then locate your device.

Step #1: Open Find My Device website on the web browser.

Step #2: Next, sign into Google account.

Step #3: Now check whether or not your device is visible.

How to Make Android Phone Ringing with Find My Device

Once you locate your phone with Find My Device website, it is time to Play Sound, i.e. ring your phone. If your device is nearby, you can quickly hear the ring and you can find your phone easily. This will ring up your phone even if you have put it on vibrate only mode. Once you get your phone in your hand, you can stop the phone ringing.

Step #1: Locate your device on Find My Device.

Step #2: Now tap on Play Sound.

Step #3: Your phone will ring and you can pick it up from any corner of your home or office.

How to Lock Android Phone with Find My Device

If your phone is lost, it is likely to be misused by the culprit. You can stop the thief from misusing your phone by locking it with Find My Device. Use the Lock option on Find My Device and it will create a new password to unlock your phone. There are good people also in the world, and they would like to contact you if they find your phone. In this case, you can display a message on the lock screen and add a button to call back your number.

Step #1: Locate your phone/tablet on Find My Device.

Step #2: Tap on Lock.

Step #3: Type a message and your contact number (not the one that is in your lost phone) and then tap on Lock.

How to Erase Data on Lost Android Phone Remotely

When you lose all hopes and sure that you will never get your lost phone, there is only one option left: erase the data of lost phone. Yes, you can erase data from the lost phone remotely. Note that if there is an SD card installed in the lost phone, you may or may not be able to delete data stored in the card (you can take a chance though). As a last resort, you have to erase the data on your lost phone.

Step #1: Locate your phone/tablet on Find My Device app.

Step #2: Now tap on Erase.

Step #3: Tap on Erase button again to confirm your action.

This will erase all data even if your Android phone is switched off.

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