How to Set up Nintendo Switch

Unlike all other mobile games, Nintendo Switch behaves in a different way. Normally, you download (and sometimes, buy one) a game on your device and start playing the game after a simple log-in process. But Nintendo Switch is not your ordinary pick; you have to set up Nintendo Switch on a gaming device.

So while you are unboxing the game, your mind is filled with many exciting thoughts of playing the game immediately. But wait! You need to set up Nintendo Switch first. No worries; it will take some steps and you are done.

How to Set Up Nintendo Switch

Step #1: Press Power button to turn on Nintendo Switch; you can locate this button on the top left corner of screen.

Step #2: Select the language of your choice.

Step #3: Next, you need to select the region you live.

Step #4: Now choose Accept to accept ‘End-User License Agreement’.

Step #5: Choose Next.

Step #6: Select wireless network you want Switch to use.

Step #7: Type in your Wi-Fi password.

Step #8: Choose OK or you can press ‘+’ on the right Joy Con.

Step #9: Choose OK after the Switch is connected with a network successfully.

Step #10: Select time zone.

Step #11: Choose Connect to TV; you can select this option later.

Step #12: Next, separate the Joy-Con controllers from any one side of your Switch; to detach this, you need to hold the release button on the back and slide the controllers upwards.

Step #13: Choose Next.

Step #14: Now you are landed on ‘You will need the following’ screen; here you need to select Next.

Step #15: On the screen, you will be instructed to set up Nintendo Switch Dock; follow the on-screen instructions and then select Next.

Step #16: Connect Nintendo Switch Dock to TV and power source as shown on the screen.

Step #17: Put the Switch console into the dock; you need to ensure that your TV is set to display proper HDMI input.

Step #18: Choose Success when TV displays image.

Step #19: You can create new users by selecting Next.

Step #20: Choose an icon to represent your user; alternatively, you can create Mii and can change the icon in future.

Step #21: Give a nickname to the user.

Step #22: Choose OK.

Step #23: Choose skip; instead, you can also set up more users by selecting Add Another User.

Step #24: You can either press Configure Parental Controls or Skip button.

Step #25: Finally, press the Home button available on the right Joy-Con controller.

It is done! Your Nintendo Switch is set up. Now you can enjoy some of the best Nintendo Switch games on your device. For real gamers, accessories mean a lot; we have compiled a list of Nintendo Switch accessories for you.

A couple of months back, Nintendo hogged limelight by launching classic edition NES Classic. Gamers, who belong to Generation X cheered this classic edition warm-heartedly; if you love to play NES Classic, you would also love to install new games on NES Classic edition.

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