Google home is your voice activated speaker that helps you in more ways than you can think of. You can ask Home a lot of questions; tell it to perform some tasks; you can command your audio; receive answers from Google; and you can also control your smart home devices via Google Assistant using Pixel Phones.

Simply set up your Google Home and interact with this smart voice activated speaker. A step further, customers can now pay with Google Home and Google Assistant. This means you can buy or shop products with Google Assistant on Google Home. In its recent announcement, Google declared that if you own Google Home, you can place orders from affiliated Google Express retailers; however, retailers should be available in your area.

As per the recently released numbers, there are more than 50 national and local stores have joined hands with Google Express. From the registered stores, some well-known names are Google Store, Target, Toys“R”Us, PetSmart, Walgreens, Guitar Center and Kohl’s.

If you have Google Home and want to purchase items by placing orders with your voice, you need to follow steps given below.

How to Make Payments With Google Home and Google Assistant

Step #1: Launch Google Home app on your phone.

Step #2: Tap on menu button (Hamburger icon) from the upper left side of screen.

Step #3: Tap on More settings.

Step #4: Tap Payments from the bottom of your phone’s screen.

Step #5: Tap on Get started icon.

Step #6: Go through the Terms of Service and then tap Accept.

Next, you need to select your default payment method.

If you have saved your default payment method before now, choose the same and tap on Next.

If you have not added any payment method earlier, you should add a new payment method; tap on Add credit or debit card. Type in your card number, billing details, and phone number; tap Save.

Once you new card is added, tap on Next.

Here, you are required to submit your delivery address.

If you have saved default delivery address, select the same and tap Next. Otherwise, tap on Add new address; submit your name, delivery address, and phone number. Then tap on Save.

With which Google Home devices you want to make payment?

Here you need to decide which of your Google Home devices can make payments.

Before every Google Home in your house, you can see button that manages the personal results for that device.

Turn on each Google Home you want to enable payments for.

It is done! You can now make payments via Google Assistant on your Google Home.

Now that you are going to use Google Home more than ever, you should also be careful about voice recording data. Every time you send a command to Google Assistant, it records your voice. Moreover, these recordings are stored on My Activity page on your Google account. If this irritates you, you can delete all your Google Assistant voice recordings data.

Google Assistant has become immensely popular among Android users. Earlier the awesomeness of Google Assistant was limited to Pixel phones, and therefore, only Pixel owners were able to set up and customize Google Assistant on Pixel and Pixel XL; but now you can get Google Assistant on any Android smartphones.

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