People are using Twitter to share their ideas, create personal brand or promote brands they are working on. With the rising usage of this popular social media channel, hackers have set their eyes on innocent Twitter users to hack the account and use the information for their own benefits.

There is a quick solution to avoid the menace of hacking. Now you can set up two-step verification on your Twitter account. You need to follow some simple steps given below. Note that there are two options to protect your Twitter account against any threat.

How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter

How to Setup Two-factor Authentication on Twitter

By following this method, you will be able to receive a code on your mobile before you log in to your Twitter account on App or Web browser.

Step #1: Open and log in with your user ID and password.

Step #2: Click on your profile photo and then go to Settings from the drop-down menu.

Click on Settings

Step #3: Now click on Security and privacy option from the left side.

Step #4: Click on Verify login requests checkbox.

Verify Login Request

If you haven’t registered your mobile number, you can go down to the Mobile section in the same left navigation.

Step #5: Now click on Send Code.

Confirm Your Number

You will receive a code on your mobile phone.

Step #6: Enter the code and then click on the Submit button to confirm your two-step verification.

Enter Verification Code

A dialog box will appear: Congrats, you’re enrolled! Note that you will also be asked to go for permanent backup code. It is advisable to go for this; take snapshot of the backup code and save the snapshot somewhere in your computer/laptop. This permanent backup code helps you if you lose your mobile phone or don’t have an active Internet connection while trying to verify your account.

If you tend to access your Twitter app from smartphone, you can set a temporary password: Settings >Security and privacy > Generate app password.

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How to Secure your Twitter password?

For any reason, if you are not able to set up two-step verification on Twitter, you can always secure your password to protect your privacy.

Step #1: Open

Step #2: Log in with your ID and password.

Step #3: Click on your profile picture.

Step #4: If you are using mobile device, tap on the Me tab, then tap on cog wheel and then tap Settings.

Step #5: Now click on Security and privacy section.

Step #6: Finally, check the ‘Require personal information to reset my password’ option.

Require Personal Info to Reset Password

If in case somebody wants to reset your Twitter password, Twitter will ask the resetter some questions about you to confirm your identity; this will include your phone number also.

That’s all! Your Twitter account is now completely secured.

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