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What makes YouTube TV different from the normal one that we use in our everyday life? Well, it is a live TV that lets you access recorded content of shows from major networks you watch on cable. You can watch YouTube TV on any screen you play YouTube on, whenever you want. The cost is cheaper than what you pay for your regular cable service that is $35 per month. But there is a limitation i.e, you cannot watch without contract. From the sources we have managed to gather, there will be more than 40 networks to choose from such as Fox, NBC, CBS, ESPN, NBCSN and various other channels. Let us show you how to Setup YouTube TV App on Android or iPhone.

How to Setup YouTube TV

How to Use Youtube TV App

How to Setup YouTube TV App

For the first time, you will be allowed to try the app for free or get YouTube TV Free without any charge. Follow the simple steps on screen and enter the payment info to enjoy watching this TV with premium features. Follow the procedure below:

Step #1: Download and install “YouTube TV” from the Play Store or App Store.

Step #2: Open the application and tap “TRY IT FREE”.

Step #3: Select the Google account you want to associate YouTube TV with.

Step #4: On the next screen, tap “NEXT” and allow it to find your location.

Step #5: Tap “Allow” to give it permission to continue the search.

Step #6: After it has recognized your location, tap “LET’S GO”.

Step #7: It will show you the channels included in the app. Tap “Next”.

Step #8: Add networks of your choice and proceed to the next page.

Step #9: Fill in all the payment credentials and tap “BUY”.

You are now authorised to enjoy YouTube TV without any trial period. Tap on “TAKE TOUR” to get acquainted with the features and get started.

How to Stream a program on YouTube TV

After you have completely setup YouTube TV on Android or iPhone, shortlist your favourite shows and get on with it. You can even set show time for an additional charge. This is how you will watch a program in your TV:

Step #1: Launch the YouTube TV app.

Step #2: Select the program of your choice.

Step #3: Tap the program to watch it.

How to Access YouTube TV Settings

It is quintessential to know about the settings in your YouTube TV app in case you need to change certain factors like privacy settings, payment info, account management, and so on and so forth.

Step #1: Open the YouTube TV app.

Step #2: Tap on your Google account’s icon.

The “Settings” option will be available below the Google account’s icon.

Apart from Live TV interconnected networks, YouTube TV gives access to unlimited cloud DVR storage. With this feature enabled, you can queue up your most cherished shows and it gets added automatically later on. Another amusing fact is that you can use this app with your Playstation, Apple TV, Xbox One, and also stream with devices like Chromecast. Visit “tv.youtube.com” to learn more about YouTube TV.

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