Apple Music is arguably the most loved app among iPhone and iPad users. Given its huge collection of songs, people love to explore, listen to, and download songs for offline listening. But something is still missing! How about sharing songs from Apple Music to your family or friends? This will spice up your experience with the music app. So here is how to share songs from Apple Music using AirDrop in iOS 11.

To share Apple Music with other iPhone or iPad users, both must have subscribed to this music service, which is quite affordable. According to the latest news, Apple has quietly added a $99 annual subscription plan, which will inspire more users to subscribe to Apple Music. Anyway, our purpose here is to share Apple Music songs with friends or Family by using AirDrop.

How to Share Songs from Apple Music Using AirDrop in iOS 11

How to Share Apple Music Songs using AirDrop in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad

Step #1: First off, you need to select a song to share with friends or family. Note that you can select any song from your Library or from sections like Browse or For You.

Step #2: Launch your Apple Music app on your iPhone or iPad; if you are using iPhone 6s or later versions, you can 3D Touch that song. Or else, simply hard press that song.

Step #3: This will launch an option menu; you need to tap on ‘Share Song’.

Long Press on Song to Use 3D Share and tap on Share Song from Apple Music

Step #4: A list of AirDrop recipients appears at the top of share screen. You can select the person with whom you want to share songs.

Use AirDrop to Share Apple Music Song

Sharing Apple Music songs is easier if you are playing that song. Simply tap on three horizontal dots from the bottom right corner of phone screen; this will open the same option menu as you have seen above. Now all you need to do is to follow the same steps given above.

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Many users have experienced a weird situation, wherein they fail to see the iPhone (with which they want to share songs) in Share menu. Here, both users have to enable AirDrop on their respective devices. Just swipe up from the bottom of your device; next, long press on network settings square (in here, you can see icons of Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Airplane mode, and Cellular).

This will open up six options, including AirDrop. You can tap on AirDrop to enable it. While here, you should also check that Wi-fi and Bluetooth options are also turned on.

On the recipient’s device, the user will see a prompt asking him/her if they are willing to accept AirDrop. If they accept it, the song will open in Apple Music on recipient’s device. Note that this procedure works only on iOS 8.4 and later versions.

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