How to Fix Siri Not Responding on Apple Watch Series 3 Issue

No sooner did Apple Watch Series 3 hit the market than users began to have issues. As per forums, users who have bought this latest smart watch registered a complaint unanimously: Siri not responding on Apple Watch Series 3.

Goodness me! Given the small screen of a smart watch, every user would like to use Siri to interact with their Apple Watch. Though they cannot do everything by sending commands to Siri, they would love to minimize their touch efforts with Apple Watch.

Pro users know that Apple Watch – barring the latest version – has little independence and has to be paired with iPhone to use it. Thus, Siri on Apple Watch speaks the language you have set on the iPhone. When Siri doesn’t reply to your commands, you should download voice for this voice assistant.

How to Fix Siri Not Responding on Apple Watch

How to Fix Siri Not Answering or Responding on Apple Watch

How to download Siri Voice on Apple Watch Series 3

First off, you need to put your Apple Watch on charge, and connect the watch with a strong Wi-fi network.

Step #1: So you have put your Apple Watch Series 3 on charge; make sure that your watch charging accessories are in place: Apple Watch Magnetic charging cable, Apple Watch Magnetic charging case, or Magnetic Charging Dock.

And don’t forget to plug the adapter into a power socket.

Check Download Status of Siri’s Voice on Apple Watch

You can quickly check out the download stutus of Siri voice on your Apple Watch.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your watch.

Step #2: Now tap on General.

Step #3: Then you need to tap on Siri, and next, scroll to Siri Voice.

When Siri Voice is downloaded, you can see a caption: “Siri will speak with the same voice selected on your iPhone. Waiting to download. Download will occur when your watch is charging.”

Also Check:

After successful download of Siri Voice, check by using Siri again.

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