Hey Siri Not Working on HomePod? Follow the Solutions

When Siri stops working or not responding to your voice command on HomePod, the entire idea of using Apple smart speaker turns a damp squib. HomePod is a smart speaker and the only way to interact with it is to speak your Siri commands. Agreed that you can control your HomePod with touch gestures, but there are limitations. For the most part, you have to use Siri, and when Siri is not working on HomePod, you need to take some quick actions.

Normally, Siri doesn’t understand your command and therefore, Siri is not answering on HomePod. Note that Siri on HomePod is not connected with a web browser, and therefore, it is not replying all your questions. This doesn’t mean Siri has some issues or it is broken; the intelligent voice assistant cannot work the way you use it on your iPhone or iPad.

Hey Siri Not Working on HomePod? Follow the Solutions

Hey Siri Not Responding on HomePod? Follow the Solutions

There are some basic things you need to check in order that Siri works smoothly on your HomePod.

Remove Obstacles

Apple has packed six microphones inside HomePods, hence, there should not be any issue of your voice hampered by anything. However, it is advisable that there is nothing between your voice and your HomePod. Remove any obstruction and then send your voice commands to check the results.

Connection to your iOS Device and HomePod

You need to ensure that your iPhone or iPad is well connected with your HomePod so that there is a robust connection between the two devices.

Toggle On/Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

If your smart speaker is nicely connected with iOS devices, you should check the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone or iPad. Simply turn off and turn on both Wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Check this guide to completely disable Bluetooth and Wifi on iPhone and iPad device running iOS 11.

Turn ON/OFF Siri in Home App

Step #1: Open Home app on your iOS device.

Step #2: Tap on the Rooms tab.

Step #3: Swipe to the Room that has your HomePod.

Step #4: Now, Long press on your Apple HomePod.

Step #5: Next, tap on Details.

Step #6: Turn Off/On Listen for “Hey Siri” Option

Reset HomePod

If nothing works, then try resetting HomePod and Setup HomePod once again.

That’s all friends!

Hopefully, above two solutions should fix the issue of Siri not working on your HomePod. Still, have a problem? You may contact Apple Support to get rid of this issue.

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