How to Fix Siri Not Working on iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6(s) Plus, 6(s) in iOS 11

When Siri is not working on iPhone x, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 6(s) Plus, 6(s) in iOS 11 or iOS 10, you are in a big trouble as this voice assistant helps you in performing many tasks.

For a Pro iPhone user, he can send money with PayPal using Siri on iPhone. Apart from money, you can also send an email using Siri on your iPhone.

With so many awesome features, Siri is your best partner and when Hey Siri is not responding on iPhone, you are surely in the soup. iPhone users have experienced that Siri is not listening to their requests of iPhone owners (so impolite, Siri).

If you are facing similar issues on your iPhone or iPad, you can follow some simple workarounds to fix Siri is not working on iPhone issue.


How to Fix Siri Not Working on iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6(s) Plus, 6(s) in iOS 11 or iOS 1O

Turn Siri ON/OFF

You need to turn Siri on and off when you find that Siri has become unresponsive of your requests.

Step #1: Open Settings and then tap on Siri from the list of apps.

Tap on Settings next tap on Siri

Earlier, users had to access Siri from General.

Step #2: Toggle the first button, which is Siri; turn it off and turn it ON once again.

Turn Siri off and turn it ON again


Check your pronunciation

Remember that Siri is after all software, a robot that tries to understand your pronunciation. Siri is programmed to identify with only the perfect voices with right accent.

Moreover, Siri keeps learning from its past experiences; for better interaction with Siri, keep asking questions to this voice assistant. From a user point of view, s/he should be precise in your question.


Reset network settings

After resetting network settings, you may need to enter Wi-Fi network and passwords again. But this will allow you to use Siri in a hassle-free manner.

Step #1: Launch Settings app → General.

Tap on Settings and next tap on general

Step #2: Scroll down and tap on Reset option.

Tap on Reset

Step #3: Tap Reset Network Settings.

Tap on Reset Network Setting

Step #4: Confirm your action by tapping on Reset Network Settings.

Tap on to Confirm Reset Network Settings


Update iOS to the Latest Version

iOS updates always solve petty issues on your iPhone or iPad. After every major update (that takes place every year), Apple rolls out many small updates. You should be vigilant for such updates and keep updating your device.

Step #1: Go to Settings → General.

Tap on Settings and next tap on general

Step #2: Open Software Update.

Tap on Software Update

If the screen shows available update, tap on Download and Install.


Turn dictation ON/OFF

Dictation sends information like voice input, contacts, and location to Apple to process your requests or commands you give to Siri. If Dictation fails to work properly, you should toggle it ON and OFF to fix the Siri issue.

Step #1: Head to Settings and tap General.

Tap on Settings and next tap on general

Step #2: Scroll down and tap on Keyboard.

Tap on Keyboard

Step #3: The last option is Enable Dictation; turn it off and turn it on after a few seconds.

Turn Enable Dictation off and Turn it on again


Have you enabled Hey Siri?

There are many instances, when Hey Siri creates problems during your interaction with Siri. If you have enabled Hey Siri on your iOS device, you should turn it off and then switch Hey Siri on; in other words, you need to restart Hey Siri.

You need to go to Settings → Siri → Allow Hey Siri. If Hey Siri is not enabled, turn it on. And if it is already enabled, you can restart Hey Siri.

Turn Allow Hey Siri Option Off and Turn it ON again


Damaged microphone

Your voice reaches to Siri via microphone; this makes the microphone an important tool, which needs to be clean and clear.

Take a cotton swab and clean the microphone; also ensure that microphone is not covered by the iPhone case or cover.


Check if your iPhone supports untethered Hey Siri

To use Hey Siri feature, your iOS device has to be connected with a power source via lightning cable. If your device is not powered up, you can’t use Hey Siri on your iPhone or iPad. Apple has launched some devices that support untethered Hey Siri function.

If you own iPhone SE, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X and iPad Pro 12.9”, you can use Hey Siri without connecting your device with a power source. For all other iOS devices, you need to plug them into a power source.

Note that Hey Siri consumes a lot of battery on your device and only the latest Apple devices have robust battery capacity. If you are not using the recently released iPhones, you should fix the battery drain issue on iPhone running iOS 11.

Here, it goes without saying that your device should not be running on Low Power Mode; if you have enabled this mode, simply turn off Lower Power Mode from Settings → Battery → Low Power Mode.

Turn Low Power Mode Option OFF


Strong internet connection

Siri works on strong internet connection; if you are experiencing frequent disconnections on your Wi-Fi network or mobile data, you need to check the connection by opening a website on Safari browser.

If the problem persists, switch the network and use Siri.


Reboot your iPhone

rebooting iphone

Rebooting your iPhone can solve some minor software issues that might hamper Siri from working on iPhone. In this case, simply reboot your iPhone and then try to use Siri.

Just press and hold the Power button for a few seconds until you see ‘slide to power off’ slider. Swipe the slider to right to turn off your device and then switch on your phone by following the same method. When you see Apple logo, release the button; your iPhone is now rebooted.

If you are using iPhone 7, you need to follow a different method to reboot iPhone 7 and if you are a proud owner of iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone x follow this method to reboot iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone x.

Many users complain of iPhone stuck on Apple logo while they are rebooting their devices. To get rid of this situation, here is a complete guide on how to fix an iPhone stuck on Apple logo.


Restore iPhone

When rebooting doesn’t work, you should try to restore your iPhone with the help of iTunes; once your iPhone is restored, try to use Siri or Hey Siri on your device. If your device is Jailbroken, mere rebooting will not help.


Recalibrate Hey Siri

Recalibrating Hey Siri is a bit long process, wherein Apple asks you to say ‘Hey Siri’ for a couple of times. Once this is done, you are prompted to say ‘Hey Siri, how’s the weather’ and other such questions.

Basically, Apple wants to recognize your voice in different patterns; when Siri finds some problem in your voice or the software gets corrupt, Siri needs recalibration.

Step #1: Open Settings.

Tap on Settings

Step #2: Tap on Siri and then Allow “Hey Siri”.

Step #3: Here, you need to turn off Allow “Hey Siri”.

Turn Allow Hey Siri Option Off and Turn it ON again

Next, toggle the Hey Siri option ON. Now you are required to calibrate Hey Siri and follow on-screen instructions to set up Hey Siri again.

Tap on Set up button and you need to cross five calibration steps.

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