SOBRO from StoreBound: A Smart Coffee Table to Chill Out With

Lifeless furniture in your home has always showcased its aesthetics to surprise your guests for a few moments. And then the same furniture is ignored by everyone, including your family members. In every household, a piece of furniture is nothing but an eye candy that initially pleases everyone. Until StoreBound brings SOBRO – a Smart Coffee Table.

Sobro is not just a piece of furniture; it is your digital partner that connects you with all your devices while you are sitting in your living room. This smart refrigerator coffee table is designed with refrigerator drawer, Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, LED lights, tempered glass top, and touch controls.

If you have always adored traditional furniture pieces, you may not fancy the idea of bringing home this smart table. But for a digital creature, this Sobro cooler coffee table is more than just a table.

Sobro Smart Coffe Table

Feel the Chill

Fill the Chill

Next time when you invite your friends to watch your favourite movie or event, you don’t need to go to the fridge to refill the beer glass. You can easily place about 30 bottles or cans of beer in Sobro coffee table with fridge drawer, which can chill your aerated drinks and water bottles to as low as 34 degrees. How easy it is to pull that drawer to take out your favourite food or soda! Sobro keeps your drinks cool with a compressor that can be precisely controlled as per your preferences.

Spice up the party with music

Bluetooth Speakers

Can Sobro coffee table refrigerator play music? Yes, if it is Sobro. Why should you use those miniature Bluetooth speakers when you have got a larger piece to play robust stereo sound? Set the right mood and play your choice of albums from your smartphone. Adjust all the controls like volume, next/previous songs, and track selection. You can deactivate buttons given on the smart table when you don’t want to use them, so your beer bottle, placed accidentally on the table, cannot shoot up the volume.

LED Mood Lighting

LED Mood Lighting

When you are setting the right mood for the party, you should also create a matching ambiance. The Sobro smart coffee table has got variable LED lighting underneath; you can set the ambiance as per your mood.

Experience cinematic effect at home

Use a Bluetooth dongle and connect this Sobro smart table with your TV to experience cinematic sound effect at your home. This way, you can bring the audio closer to you and indulge in the excellent sound quality. But then you have to bear those loud sounds played during the commercial run on your TV. This is the cost you pay while watching your favourite TV show.


Charging Plug

The touch control interface of Sobro is remarkably smart and intelligent. You can control Bluetooth, audio, lights and drawer temperature from the tempered glass top. This glass top is easy to clean, so you can place your coffee mug on it without having to worry about ring left on the table. Charging ports given on the side comfortably charge your devices like phones, tablets, and your small drone too.

USB Cable Port

Sobro smart coffee table is only for those who are religiously living a digital life. Want to buy Sobro coffee table? The Sobro coffee table price is around $1200, which is obviously way far higher than your traditional furniture. If that sounds unaffordable, why don’t you go to its Indigo campaign? There is an early-bird hefty discount and you will get this Sobro smart coffee table at a cheap $649.

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