Whether you are running your own social media marketing agency or working as consultant for brands, social media management can be challenging at times. This job can leave you exhausted if not done carefully. At your disposal are many tools you can use to streamline everything. From writing social media posts to distribute the same to checking analytics, you have to stay on top of the ladder every time. Thankfully, there are many social media management tools for you.

Our list of social media scheduling tools can help you at different levels; you can create unique posts, shorten links, schedule upload time, create designs, and manage analytics with these social media monitoring tools. You can explore all of them one by one and ensure that these tools are part of your social media marketing strategy.

Best Social Media Managements Tools

18 Best Social Media Management Tools

#1. Bit.ly

Explore: Bitly.com

Since Twitter gives limited character space to upload social media posts, you have to shorten the URL before you paste it there. Bit.ly is a popular URL shortener and a reporting tool. This website quickly shortens the URL and it also allows you to track clicks; hence, you can measure the success of any campaign launched on Twitter.


#2. Hootsuite

Explore: hootsuite.com

Hootsuite allows you to deliver content on 35 social media channels in one single attempt. This tool is used by more than 10 million professionals across the world. You can subscribe for its paid membership and enjoy more benefits.

#3. EveryPost

Explore: EveryPost

EveryPost is a social media publishing tool most appreciated by content marketers and social media professionals. You can easily create, customize, schedule and upload content on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIN, Tumblr and other media.

#4. Social Pilot

Explore: Social Pilot

SocialPilot is the latest social media scheduling tool popular among content marketing and social media marketing professionals. This tool helps you schedule posts in advance for a week, month and even an entire year. Create a single post and post it across all your social networks from SocialPilot. This tool offers you a custom Facebook branding feature that helps you improve your brand’s visibility on Facebook. The premium account holders can post content on Facebook highlighting the brand and not the tool, i.e. SocialPilot.

#5. AgoraPulse

Agora Pluse
Explore: Agorapulse

AgoraPulse offers social media managers to run contests, quizzes, and promotions on social media pages. Moreover, this tool also tells you how you can stack up against your competitors.

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#6. SocialOomph

Explore: SocialOomph

SocialOomph basic features offer you some productive options. Apart from scheduling tweets, you can track keywords, save and reuse drafts, clear your DM inbox, and create up to five Twitter accounts. Guess, how many more benefits will you get if you go for its professional features?

#7. Sprout Social

Sprout Social
Explore: Sproutsocial

Sprout Social is one of the leading social media scheduling tools offering you multiple benefits. Its unified smart inbox needs special mention as it allows users to streamline engagement. Other features are unlimited custom reports, tasks and helpdesk included in customer support, shared customer records in social CRM and more.

#8. Crowd Booster

Explore: Crowd Booster

CrowdBooste automatically analyses your social media marketing campaigns. It is an analytics tool that updates on regular basis. You can show your clients custom reports. Based on reports, you can schedule tweets for maximum benefits.

#9. Audiense

Explore: Audiense

Earlier it was SocialBro, now it is Audiense. It is all about audience insight to prepare a better social media marketing campaign. Apart from scheduling content for Twitters, this tool helps you create ads for the platform.

#10. Tailwind

Explore: Tailwind

Tailwind is made for Pinterest. By using this social media tool, you can create pins for multiple boards, upload pins in bulk, and use many shortcuts to save your time. You can expand the reach by optimizing your pinning schedule based on when you audience is most engaged.

#11. Buffer

Explore: Buffer

Buffer is a popular social media scheduling tool. Integrate your Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts to share content on multiple platforms. Appreciate its analytics tool that helps you measure your campaign.

#12. Oktopost

Explore: Oktopost

Oktopost is a B2B social media management tool that easily manages, measures and amplifies all your social media marketing activities.

#13. MeetEdgar

Meet Edgar
Explore: MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar uses your posts again to strengthen your reach by recycled content. You can categorize your content in categories like “Quotes”, “Blog links” etc.

#14. IFTTT

Explore: IFTTT

IFTTT is an automation tool that gives you control over products, services and apps you frequently use. It is a condition based app that offers you several recipes. For example, you can save your Instagram photos to Dropbox by using a default recipe of IFTTT.

#15. Tweepi

Explore: Tweepi

Want to increase number of followers on your Tweeter profile? Use Tweepi, which is trusted by more than 1000, 000 people. You can find relevant users, engage your target followers and get noticed on Twitter.

#16. Socedo

Explore: Socedo

Earn the right leads from Twitter and LinkedIn with the help of Socedo. This lead generation tool finds qualified leads and add them to your sales funnel.

#17. SocialFlow

Social Flow
Explore: SocialFlow

SocialFlow regularizes your social media postings. Instead of randomly shooting posts, this tool helps you manage social media campaigns smartly. Upload right content at the right time to capture attention of target audience. That is all SocialFlow doing for you.

#18. Klout

Explore: Klout

Klout is one of the popular social media content management tools used by social influencers worldwide. This tool gives you access to your choice of content generated online; you can share the content and improve your Klout score. Moreover, Klout also allows you to schedule your content links.

You may find some of the tools similar in nature, but it is up to you to choose the better social media tools. Price plays a pivotal role in selecting the best social media monitoring tools; so before you subscribe for any tool, check the subscription.

If you are already using any of the social media scheduling tools, you can share your experience with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. We also invite you to suggest other social media monitoring tools missed by us.



  1. That’s a great list! With the amount of content and information posted online these days, it’s really difficult to stay productive and work efficiently without the proper tools. I use some of those you mentioned myself, like Bitly or Hootsuite, for instance, and find them extremely helpful.


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