SoundShare: Connect with your Friends Musically

After three months of free trial, many users have switched to paid version of Apple Music. Apple Music has set very high benchmarks, and therefore, we can’t help ourselves compare this SoundShare with one of the best music apps.

What is unique about SoundShare is not streaming music, but your social network that has music in its DNA. Like other social media apps, for example Twitter and Facebook, you can share your play lists, tracks and more with your friends.

Soundshare App Review

The Idea

You find like-minded people on Facebook, Twitter and probably on Linkedin too; similarly, on SoundShare, you can find and then follow people, who have developed music tastes as you have. Create your own profile, share songs so that your group can follow you and your choices of music. Not only this, you can send songs from Apple Music to SoundShare with the help of Sharing Extensions.


Soundshare App Design

It will certainly take some time to understand the interface of this app. Initially, you might be fumbling for where to tap; the app has failed to attract music lovers in terms of visual elegance. However, you will be happy to see your profile page as it shows your feed of songs, followers, playlists and your picture.

Once sign-up process is complete, you can find your friends via Facebook; invite more friends on WhatsApp or you would like to invite some friends from your Contacts. On Popular menu, you can explore what is trending, top 100 songs and popular songs from iTunes. Don’t forget to check your Daily Song dose.

On your profile page, you can see songs you play, followers, person you follow and playlists.

Use this Wonderful App

SoundShare is an easy and fun way to share what you listen to. It is also a great place to find out amazing new songs. Follow your friends and see what they are listening to.

On the Feed screen, tap on the arrow at top right corner. Now tap on the Player button on the top right corner; from here, you can choose tracks you want to play. Tap on any song and the app will play the song. Moreover, this action will automatically share the current song with all your SoundShare friends.

Your shared songs will appear on the ‘Me’ tab; your followers will also be able to see these songs. If you don’t want to show your friends your songs, you can customize this tab from your privacy settings.

From the ‘Me’ screen, you can explore more options by swiping right on your songs. You can share the song, like it, comment on it and watch the same song in YouTube. Wow…It’s amazing!

One of the most amazing features of this app is you can share music from Apple Music. Just open your Apple Music app; go to My Music and choose any song. Tap on share icon and a list of apps will appear at the bottom. From this menu, you can choose SoundShare; if this option is not available, you can tap on More and enable SoundShare option from the list. Once you complete this process, you can see that song on the Me screen of SoundShare.

Thus, your SoundShare friends can enjoy the songs from Apple Music, even if they are not subscribers to Apple Music. You can also listen to Apple Music songs from your friend’s SoundShare account.

The Verdict

If you are a true-blue music lover, SoundShare is your take. One of the best features of this app is that users can enjoy songs from Apple Music without subscribing to the app. So if you are a group of friends with a few have Apple Music on their iPhones, they must download and use this app so that other friends can enjoy Apple Music free of cost. Apple, you should better take care of this.

SoundShare is developed by Mateus Abras. It is available FREE on iTunes

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