When Apple launched its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus without 3.5mm headphone jack, people found some solace in its AirPods, which of course, come at expensive price tag of $159. If you lose any one pod, its sibling is of no use for you. In this situation, only the stinking rich can afford to buy another pair of AirPods from Apple.

However, there are some cheaper options available in the form of iPhone earphones and Bluetooth headsets, which can come handy to talk and listen to audio. But if you have a fixation for the pair of AirPods, you should check this Spigen AirPods strap.

Spigen AirPods or Earphone for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

As mentioned above, a common user can’t afford to lose any single pod and therefore, the AirPods strap is a blessing for such users. To describe its function in nutshell, I would say that the strap holds the two AirPods together so that you will never lose them.

The AirPods strap is compact, lightweight and extremely durable. This means if you keep it around your neck, it doesn’t give you much pain. It perfectly fits on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus AirPods. One of the primary benefits of this strap is that it is ideal to never lose your Apple AirPods, which are exorbitantly costly. You can easily keep the strap around your neck, in your pocket or hang the strap anywhere.

Users would certainly like its tangle-free design, which makes it easier to store. Just wind the strap without having to worry about bends or twists. The strap is useful especially while you are driving or travelling.

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After reading through many benefits, it would be prudent for any user to buy this strap from Spigen. However, there are sceptical souls who doubt the usefulness of the product. Their argument sounds valid: AirPods are made to give a cable-free experience and therefore, users should not spoil this experience by attaching the two pods with such straps. Moreover, Apple itself offers a carry case to protect and keep AirPods together. In this case, there can be only one answer: one should always protect precious products. If this $9.99-product can protect your AirPods, I think you should give it a shot.

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Apple’s AirPods provide you five hours of music playback; its carry case also functions as battery pack, which gives you an additional 24 hours of charge. AirPods boast Apple’s latest proprietary W1 chip, which helps them connect with iPhone 7/7 Plus automatically when you take the pods out of case. You can also activate Siri with a single touch and pause playback on removal.

The world of technology is really funny; normally, an accessory supports its host device. But in this case, an accessory is supporting another accessory. If you look at the AirPods, they can be slotted into the category of iPhone accessories. And Spigen’s strap is made to protect iPhone accessories.

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