4 Quick Fixes When Spotify Not Working with Google Home & Home Mini

When Spotify doesn’t work with your Google Home or Home Mini, your musical journey is hampered. Google Home and Mini are great devices to listen to music, and therefore, people like to link popular Spotify music on Home devices.

There can be many reasons why Google Home won’t play your Spotify list. The primary one is that Spotify fails to connect with Google Home, or simply it has lost connection. In any case, you can fix the issue of Spotify not working with Google Home and Home Mini.

What has gone wrong? Users have registered their complaints on online forums, and as per their queries, they cannot link Spotify to Google Home. And when they say, “OK Google, play Spotify”, the Home initially replies “All right, here’s some music”. But after a few seconds, Home comes up with an apology, “Sorry, something went wrong”. Experienced similar? No worries; check some solutions to get rid of Spotify not working with Google Home issue.

Spotify Not Working on Google home and Mini

How to Fix Spotify Not Working with Google Home and Home Mini Issue

We have listed 4 solutions to a single issue. You can follow each solution and check the results.

1. Unlink and Relink Spotify with Google Home or Home Mini

One of the first steps is to disconnect your Spotify account from your Home device.

Step #1:

Launch the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet.

Step #2:

Now tap on the device button from the upper right corner of the device screen.

Step #3:

Next, you need to tap on the menu button (hamburger icon).

Step #4:

Then tap on Settings → Music → Spotify.

Step #5:

When you unlink your Spotify account, you may follow the same steps to relink the account.

2. Reboot Google Home or Home Mini

Rebooting Google Home or Home Mini can fix many issues like Google Home not responding and others. You can reboot your Home device by following two methods. Jump to this post to read how you can reboot Google Home and Home Mini.

3. Unlink and Relink Google Account

Even after rebooting your Home and disconnecting Spotify, your Google Home may not play Spotify music. Next solution is to unlink and relink your Google Account.

Step #1:

First off, you have to ensure that your Google Home speakers and your phone/tablet are connected with the same Wi-Fi network.

Step #2:

Launch Google Home app and then tap on Devices from the upper right corner.

Step #3:

Next, scroll up and down to find the device card for speaker and tap on the device card menu.

Step #4:

Now tap on Settings→ Linked accounts→ X next to Google Account.

Step #5:

You need to tap on Unlink to delete your Google Account.

When your Google Account is removed, you may follow the same steps to relink your Google Account and enjoy Spotify music on Google Home.

4. Use Different Voice Commands

It is possible that your Google Home fails to identify a particular command or a set of commands when you want to play the Spotify music playlist. This is the time to change your voice commands or use different voice commands.

For example, if you say, “OK Google, play Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall”, your Home may give you perfect results. But when you tweak this and say, “OK Google, the playlist of Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall”, your Google Home may not respond.

Bonus Tip

Check the app version of Spotify on your casting device; if you are using the older version, you quickly need to update the app. It goes without saying that only premium members can play Spotify music on Google Home devices. If your membership expires, simply renew it and enjoy the music.

That’s all friends!

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