A Startup or a Corporation : What is your career choice?

As a young and fresh executive, you are always in a dilemma what road to take – a startup or corporate. Both have some merits and demerits. But it is a question of your career; any wrong move and your career will go downhill. In this situation, a candidate has to act smart.

We have found useful information for young professionals. This infographic thoughtfully presents advantages and disadvantages of working in start-ups and corporations.

Both set-ups have their own positive and negative aspects. Startup offers challenging environment, personal success, job satisfaction, recognition, a friendly atmosphere and more. But at the same time, it doesn’t give you job security, handsome perks and remunerations, time to mingle with family etc.

On the other hand, corporations are full of benefits like relaxation, job security, employee fringe benefits and more; however, you are just a cog in the giant wheel. There is nothing like personal achievement in large corporations. Politics is part and parcel of giant companies.

If you are a free-spirited, enthusiastic professional, who doesn’t want to work under many restrictions, you probably are cut out for start-up. And if you love 9 to 5 groove, a small vacation at year end, and job security, you should better enter that giant corporation.

Startup VS Corporation Infographic

This infographic presents 10 major differences that include environments, responsibilities, personalities, and trends that separate an organization from start-up. Go through this info and make a smart decision. All the best!

Startup VS Corporation Infographic


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