Submit Your App or Accessory for Review

Apps and accessories are flesh-and-bone of any smart gadget. Without the two, smart devices are nothing more than a feature phone. This creates the value for app developers and accessory makers, who turn modest devices into stylish pieces.

Unlike the big brands, developers and manufacturers of apps and accessories can’t allocate big budget to promote their products. And therefore, an affordable solution is submitting a review on popular blogs.

If you have developed an intelligent app or a valuable accessory for users, we invite you to submit the same. Our reviewers will scrutinize your app/accessory and write a genuine review and upload the same on Indabaa. You can send detailed information about the app/accessory: photographs, e-brochure, website, documents etc. If yours is a paid app, send us a code to redeem the app.

Our reviewers will check the pros and cons of apps/accessories and evaluate the usefulness of the same. A good review helps create awareness of your apps/accessories.

Send a detailed mail at indabaablog at gmail dot com.