The all-screen multi-touch display of iPhone X has probably taken a toll on the home button. It was long rumoured that the latest iPhone from Apple factory would not have Touch ID button, and for once, rumours proved true. However, this has thrown a fresh challenge to iPhone users to perform quite a few functions without home button, which has been used so extensively. For example, the most frequent is switching apps. So how will you switch apps on iPhone X without home button?

Well, every user has this question in mind, but Apple was the first to think about it and there is an easy way to use app switcher on your iPhone X. The credit goes to swipe gesture that enables users to use multitasking feature in the easiest way.

How to Use App Switcher on iPhone X without Home Button

To bring up multitasking interface, simply press the bottom part of your iPhone X screen, and then gently swipe up as if you were performing the home gesture. Without taking your thumb or finger up, pause in the middle of your phone screen.

Keep holding the screen for a few seconds and you will see a card emerging from the left of your iPhone X screen. This indicates you have accessed app switcher successfully. Now you can swipe left or right to browse already opened apps.

How to Switch Between Open Apps on iPhone X

You can use above method to close open apps on your iPhone X. Moreover, you can also use the first method to go back to an app you had used long back. But what would you do to access the last app you were using on your phone? If users want to copy a shopping list from email to the Notes app, you have to cycle between the two apps rapidly. You can easily do this on your iPhone X.

You can swipe to left or right at the bottom edge to cycle through all open apps on your iPhone X. To check previous app, just swipe from left to right, and to come back to the app you were using earlier, you need to swipe from right to left.

iPhone X will surely change your interaction with apps and other features. Is home button essential for an iPhone? How will you react to an iPhone without home button? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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