When you sync your health data to iCloud in iOS 11 or later software, Apple allows you to check this data from multiple iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Remember, you cannot see this health data on your iCloud account by logging in www.icloud.com. During your workout sessions, you do a lot of different exercises like swimming, running, jogging, climbing etc. iCloud syncs all your activities including sleep hours, calories burn, heartbeat and more. Not to forget your Medical ID, Activity Rings, Workouts, Stand Hours, Activity Achievements are also synced on iCloud. So without further introduction to health data, here is how you can sync Health Data to iCloud in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad.

People love to save health data to iCloud as they can transfer health and activity data without having to restore their iOS devices from backup.

How to Sync Health Data with iCloud in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

Your Health Data is not seen on iCloud, and this means your data is encrypted. Nobody can tamper with your health data as it is protected on your devices.

Step #1: Open Settings app on your iPhone.

Open Settings App on iPhone

Step #2: Now tap on your Apple ID banner.

Tap on Apple ID

Step #3: Next, tap on iCloud.

Tap on iCloud on iPhone and iPad

Step #4: Here, you need to toggle Health option ON.

Turn ON Health Option in iCloud to Enable Sync of Heath and Activity Data

This will sync your health data to your iCloud, and you will be able to access this from all devices synced with your iCloud account.

How to Disable iCloud Sync for Health Data on iPhone/iPad

In future, if you want to disable this syncing of health data, you can do it quickly.

Step #1: Launch Settings on iPhone → Apple ID banneriCloud.

Step#2: Simply toggle Health OFF.

Turn OFF Health Option in iCloud to Disable Sync of Heath and Activity Data

You have done it!

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Your health is your wealth, and therefore, you must keep all your health data synced. Is there any feedback you want to share with us? Connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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