In its latest update, WhatsApp has rolled out two interesting features: now users can send WhatsApp message to multiple groups and contacts at once and another is people can tag contacts in group chat on their iPhones and Android.

Group chat is an interesting thing to kill time or to discuss something serious. During this interaction, we normally address all the contacts in a group. However, at times, we may need to address a particular contact just to pull his/her leg. It’s fun to target some people to make him/her a butt of joke.

Earlier, people used to type in “@” to address somebody in a group chat. This facility, however, was inspired from Facebook, where users can write something to a person in a comment thread.

With the latest update in WhatsApp, users can tag people in a group chat in their iPhone and Android. Note that users still have to write “@” in a group chat, but what they see next will be completely different than they had been seeing.

How to Tag People in WhatsApp Group Chat on iPhone and Android

How to Tag People in WhatsApp Group Chat on iPhone and Android

Before you go ahead, check that you have got updated WhatsApp version on your iPhone or Android.

Step #1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android.

Launch Whatsapp

Step #2: Tap on any group you are active in.

Tap on any group you are active in

Step #3: Type in “@” in the text field and a menu of contacts will swipe up. There will be names of group members.

Type in “@” in the text field

Step #4: Tap on any group member whom you want to tag.

Tap on any group member whom you want to tag

Step #5: Now enter your message and press the send button.

Press the send button

Alternatively, you can first type your message and then tap on “@” to bring up names of group members, and from the list select a member and send your message to a particular member.

Now you can tag people in WhatsApp group chat on your iPhone and Android.

Note that earlier versions of WhatsApp supported 100 people in a group; now this number has increased up to 256 people, and this can be one of the reasons why WhatsApp rolled out this new feature.

On the flip side, WhatsApp users now cannot mute their group chat as they could have done earlier. With this new feature, they have to bear with those irritating notifications as they are tagged by some mischief-mongers☺.

If we look at the spirit of WhatsApp groups, they are meant to involve every user. Keeping yourself away wouldn’t work. Now, solitary souls are more at risk of being dragged into conversation by loquacious group members.

This will certainly add more fun to WhatsApp group chats. If you like this new feature, start tagging people in your WhatsApp group chat. Make sure that only fun should be at the center of conversation; otherwise, serious users would leave the group.

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