Special Trick to Access Amazon Alexa On An Apple Watch

Featured Amazon Alexa

Apple’s smartwatch lineup is filled with high-end gadgets such as the Watch Series 3 that offer a wide range of cool features and reliable hardware specs. On the downside of things, Apple Watches are limited to their iOS ecosystem. This is the cases for all Apple products and its one of the most annoying things … Read more

How to Create a Smart Home Device Group with Amazon Alexa

How to Create a Smart Home Device Group with Amazon Alexa

Creating smart home device group allows you to use a single command to turn on or turn off the devices. Normally, such groups are created when you have installed smart home devices in multiple rooms of your house. Once you make the group, you can use Alexa to control smart home devices. Check this guide … Read more

How to Make Video Call with Alexa – Step By Step Guide

How to Make Video Call with Alexa on Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot

Video calling on Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Show is an exciting way to talk to your loved ones. Moreover, it is also the best tool for business communication between two persons geographically located far away. By installing a screen on their smart speakers, Amazon has successfully integrated this video calling feature on its popular … Read more

How to Enable Do Not Disturb for Alexa on Amazon Echo Devices

How to Enable Do Not Disturb for Alexa on Amazon Echo Devices

By turning on Do Not Disturb for Alexa, you can temporarily prevent calling and messaging alerts and Drop In on your Amazon Echo devices. Normally, people use this feature on their iPhones and Android phones, and traditionally it is believed to be used on mobile devices only. However, anybody can disturb you on your Alexa … Read more

Best Alexa Skills for Christmas: Make Merriment Memorable

Best Alexa Skills for Christmas

Digital assistances are becoming heavily integrated into our everyday lives. So why should they be left out from holidays? If you have Amazon’s amazing personal digital assistant Alexa at your home, then we bring to you some of the best Alexa Skills for Christmas. Alexa, as you know, can be very helpful and fun. With … Read more

Best Smart Home Hubs: Install a Smart Hub for Home Automation

Best Smart Home Hubs - Install a Smart Hub for Home Automation

The best home automation hub compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri have become indispensable part of smart home in the era of modern technology which is providing a new dimension and exquisite shape to our day-to-day living. The growing demand for home automation is becoming increasingly popular in the tech-oriented lifestyle of modern … Read more

How to Turn Amazon Echo Light Ring into a Night Light

How to Use Amazon Echo and Echo Dot as a Night Light

Your Amazon Echo does multitasking for you. Apart from its normal tasks of making calls and adjusting electronic devices in your bedroom, living room and kitchen, the wonder device now can turn Amazon Echo light ring into a night light. If you are not able to sleep well in a completely dark room, you can … Read more

How to Listen to Audiobooks on Amazon Alexa

How to Listen to Audiobooks on Amazon Alexa

On your Amazon Echo devices, you have been doing multiple activities following a list of alexa commands. But have you ever thought of trying something unique? Why don’t you ask Alexa to read audiobooks for you? Yes, for a change, you can listen to audiobooks. It is so tiresome to hold that voluminous book in … Read more

How to Use Alexa on iPhone or iPad

How to Use Alexa on Your iPhone

If you think that Alexa can manage only devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap, this information will make you change your thinking. Alexa can now operate your iPhone and iPad; this means, users can use Alexa on iPhone or iPad. As of now, this feature is available only on iPhone and iPad; Android … Read more