OnePlus 7 Pro – Top 5 Cases to Keep Your Beloved Smartphone Safe

OnePlus 7 Pro Top Accessories

Even though Samsung, Apple and Google might be the biggest and most successful companies in the smartphone industry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that smartphone fans don’t have any other options. Just take for example OnePlus and its highly popular flagship smartphone called OnePlus 7 Pro. The Chinese based tech giant has made a name for … Read more

Top 5 Pixel 3a Accessories Available On Amazon in 2022

Pixel 3a Accessories

Google surprised everyone back in May when it launched the new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. The surprising thing about the new pure Android smartphones is the fact that they are mid-ranged devices designed for the average consumer while still offering impressive hardware specs such as powerful Snapdragon 670 CPU and the same camera … Read more

How to Use Amazon Alexa to Its Full Potential

Alexa Tips Featured

Amazon hit the jackpot when it developed Alexa and equipped it on the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and Tap devices. Some might say that Alexa is the “brains” behind all of Amazon’s voice-activated speakers and this would be right. Amazon developed a brand-new artificial intelligence assistant called Alexa from scratch and equipped with lots … Read more

Best Amazon Echo and Alexa Compatible Smart Home Devices

Best Alexa compatible Smart Devices

Thinking of making your home smarter! With multi-function Amazon Alexa, you can pair with unique and creative smart devices. So whether it’s the outlets, light bulbs, coffee maker, switches, Indoor  Security camera, outdoor security camera or thermostats, you can find some of the best Alexa compatible smart home devices to experience the world around you at … Read more

35 Best Alexa Skills to Make Your Life Easier Than Ever

Best Alexa Skills

Amazon’s Alexa is the new talk of the town that has taken technology a notch higher. Currently, you can find Alexa in the Amazon products such as the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Tap, etc. And while all these devices already have a plethora of New Skills for Alexa in their arsenal, their utility can … Read more