Poke Live: An Android App to Find Pokemon on the Go

Poke Live An Android App to Find Pokemon on the Go

Lo and behold! Now there is an Android app that can help you find Pokemon on the go. As if Pokemon Go accessories and local marketing ideas mushroomed around this app were not enough, JV Studios brings Poke Live, an app to find Pokemon while you are on the roaming spree. The app can be … Read more

How to Add Multiple Accounts in Facebook Messenger on Android

How to Add and Remove Multiple Accounts in Facebook Messenger

Multiple Facebook Messenger accounts are a boon for family members, who share just one screen of smartphone or tablet at home. There are millions of Facebook users, who use its messenger app to stay in touch with their loved ones. Now, with this newly added feature, let’s user add multiple facebook Messenger account on Android Phone. … Read more

SoundShare: Connect with your Friends Musically

Soundshare App Review

After three months of free trial, many users have switched to paid version of Apple Music. Apple Music has set very high benchmarks, and therefore, we can’t help ourselves compare this SoundShare with one of the best music apps. What is unique about SoundShare is not streaming music, but your social network that has music … Read more

Tips on How to Use iPhone/iPad Mail App Like a Pro

Tips on how to use Mail app in iOS 9 on iPhone

Mail app on your iPhone or iPad can do wonders. There are multiple usages of a Mail app; you can control Preview, Swipe Options, Flag Style and more. More and more people are using iPhone to manage their emails, and hence, some tricks are important to know to better use mail app on your iPhone. … Read more