How to Stream Apple Music in High-Quality at All Times

Featured Image Apple Music

One of the things that make Apple stand out as a tech company is the fact that Apple doesn’t rely on others for software, hardware, and services. Apple likes to keep everything within the iOS ecosystem and it provides its fanbase with all the apps and services that they could ever ask for. Take for … Read more

How to Switch Apple Music Account on HomePod

How to Change Apple Music Account on HomePod

HomePod smartens up your living room or any other place you put it. This smart speaker keeps a record of your choice of music; based on your listening history, HomePod recommends you other songs as well. However, when someone else from your household is listening to Apple Music on your Siri speaker, you need to … Read more

How to Turn Off/On HomePod Listening History

How to Turn Off:On HomePod Listening History

Music is something very personal to me (and it is for all), and therefore, I don’t like the idea of accepting requests of others to play their choice of music on my HomePod. But guests are guests! You can’t say no to them. When you play the music of your others’ choice, ‘For You’ recommendations … Read more

How to Play Apple Music and Spotify Playlists on Sonos One

How to Play Apple Music, Spotify Songs, and Playlists on Sonos One

Packed with 54 music services, Sonos One is surely leading the pack in smart speakers category. While Amazon’s Echo devices and Google Home have limited strength to befriend with other music services, people would love to integrate Apple Music, Spotify songs and playlists on their Sonos One. The brand is the first high-end product that … Read more

How to Share Songs from Apple Music Using AirDrop in iOS 11

How to Share Songs from Apple Music Using AirDrop in iOS 11

Apple Music is arguably the most loved app among iPhone and iPad users. Given its huge collection of songs, people love to explore, listen to, and download songs for offline listening. But something is still missing! How about sharing songs from Apple Music to your family or friends? This will spice up your experience with … Read more