Unlock Your Mac with Apple Watch – Simple & Fast Guide

One of the best things about using multiple Apple devices is the way they interact with each other. Apple has built a special ecosystem for its devices and they all have dedicated features that are specially designed to make your life easier. The perfect example of this is how you can unlock your Mac with … Read more

Turn Apple Watch Into a Sleep Tracker

Turn Apple watch into a sleep tracker

Apple Watches are equipped with some of the best hardware and features available in 2022, but there is one feature that they all miss. There isn’t a single Apple Watch model that features a built-in sleep tracker. This is quite surprising, especially when considering that the competition has already equipped all their smartwatches with built-in … Read more

Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications – Top 5 Easy Fixes

Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications

Using an Apple Watch is amazing because you can check out all your notifications with a simple glance. On the downside of things, there are many users who complain that their Apple Watch doesn’t any incoming app notifications. This is super annoying and if you are dealing with this problem, then you don’t need to … Read more

How to Connect Apple Watch with New iPhone

Apple Watch

Did you recently purchase a new Apple Watch or iPhone and you don’t know how to connect them? Don’t worry, we have your back! Today we are going to present you a detailed step-by-step guide that show exactly what you need to do when connecting an Apple Watch to an older or new iPhone. Make … Read more

Apple Watch – How Customize the Control Center in watchOS 7

Apple Watch

watchOS 7 recently arrived and it introduced a plethora of useful features that are taking the performances to the next level. However, some of the most important changes watchOS 7 introduced are to the user interface. The Control Center is now equipped with a bundle of new functionalities that make it much easier for Apple … Read more