Apple WatchOS 6 – Top 7 Tips and Tricks To Become a Pro!

Apple’s Watch Series devices are the best-selling smartwatches in the world and while their sleek designs and powerful specs are playing an important role, they are not the reason why these smartwatches are so popular. The “secret” behind Apple’s success in the smartwatch industry is watchOS. If there is one thing that Apple does better … Read more

Useful Apple Watch Tips and Trick for New Users

Useful Apple Watch Tips & Tricks

Did you just get a brand-new Apple Watch? Well, you are in for a surprise because the Apple Watch is much more than a simple accessory. Apple’s latest Watch Series 4 is dubbed as the best smartwatch ever made because of the plethora of features that it has to offer. In fact, Apple packed so … Read more

Top 8 Tips & Tricks for Apple Watch Series 4

Watch Series 4 Best Tips & Tricks

Did you just get a new Apple Watch Series 4 for Christmas? The smartwatch was one of the most popular gifts that people found wrapped under the tree during Christmas morning. Although Watch Series 4 is the best smartwatch available on the market right now and therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise everyone wants … Read more

Special Trick to Access Amazon Alexa On An Apple Watch

Featured Amazon Alexa

Apple’s smartwatch lineup is filled with high-end gadgets such as the Watch Series 3 that offer a wide range of cool features and reliable hardware specs. On the downside of things, Apple Watches are limited to their iOS ecosystem. This is the cases for all Apple products and its one of the most annoying things … Read more

Apple Watch for Beginners – Best Tips and Tricks

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Apple products are renowned for the premium quality and the smooth operating systems that they offer. The best example of this is the latest Apple Watch Series 3 that runs on watchOS 4. This is a top-end smartwatch that is equipped with a sleek design and cutting-edge hardware specs. However, the most important thing about … Read more

How to Update Apple Watch Apps

How to Update Apple Watch Apps

Like iPhone apps, your Apple Watch apps also need to be updated. When you update an app on your iPhone, its effect will be seen on your Apple Watch as well. However, you need to turn Automatic App Install ON in your My Watch section. Check this quick tutorial to update Apple Watch Apps. In … Read more

How to Delete or Uninstall Apps from Apple Watch

How to Delete or Uninstall Apps from Apple Watch

Unlike installing apps, removing apps from Apple Watch doesn’t require your iPhone. You can delete any app directly from your iWatch. Before you get rid of any Apple Watch app, it is advisable to use list view instead of grid view on your watch. This will give you a better user interface to delete apps … Read more

How to Download and Install Apps on Apple Watch

How to Download and Install Apps on Apple Watch

When you pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone for the first time, you are asked to install third party iPhone apps on your iWatch. However, you can select the option to download apps on Apple Watch later. In case, you have installed your iPhone apps on your Apple Watch, you can always add more … Read more