Best Chromecast Apps for iPhone and Android in 2018

Best Chromecast Apps for iPhone and Android

Chromecast has become an essential replacement for the smart TV and popular game consoles like Xbox. Whether you are wondering to access Youtube or Netflix or like to play some game, the Chromecast gives the best solution because of its flexible nature. Below mentioned are 10 best Chromecast apps for iPhone and Android, which are must-have … Read more

How to Cast VR to Chromecast or Apple TV from iPhone and Android

How to Cast VR MoviesMusic with an Android or iPhone on Chromecast or Apple TV

Virtual reality has changed the ways smart users consume visual contents on smartphones. For the last couple of years, virtual reality has garnered lot of attention and popularity. The only limitation virtual reality has is that it is visible only to a single user. If anybody wants to share the content s/he is watching, the … Read more