Top 10 iPhone Tips & Tricks in 2022

Best iPhone Tips in 2019

One of the best things about switching from an Android powered smartphone to an iPhone is discovering all the features that Apple has implemented in iOS. Apple loves to roll out new updates that introduce features and software tweaks which improve the overall stability of iPhone’s operating system. Therefore, Apple fans are always going to … Read more

iOS 12 Tips & Tricks – Master Your iPhone

Best iPad Tips & Tricks

Apple launched three new iPhones a couple of months ago and all of them look amazing. The Cupertino tech giant innovated the smartphone industry when it equipped iPhone X with an all-screen design and it continued this tradition with iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. However, today we are not going to cover the design … Read more

Here are the Best iOS 12 Secret Features

Secret iOS 12 Features

One of the biggest advantages that having an iPhone brings is getting firsthand access to Apple’s latest updates. The Cupertino based tech giant puts all its focus on iOS updates because this premium operating system is what separates iPhones from Android-powered devices the most. Nonetheless, the latest update for iPhone is called iOS 12 and … Read more

iOS 12 – How to Use Apple’s New Features

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After months of waiting, Apple finally released iOS 12. The new operating system is now rolling out worldwide and Apple fans should be pleased to know that it comes with some new features and software tweaks that improve the overall user experience that iPhones offer. iOS 12 mainly focuses on fixing the bugs and messy … Read more

iOS 12 is Coming Soon – Top Issues Apple Needs to Fix

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Today Apple started rolling out the tenth iOS 12 developer preview. The crazy thing about this is that the previous version arrived only last week and this shows us that Apple is hurrying to add the finishing touches to iOS 12. September is just around the corner and that’s when Apple is scheduled to launch … Read more