Top 6 Most Surprising iOS 13 Features

iOS 13 Most Surprising Features

Apple has released iOS 12.3 two days ago and the new operating system update comes with lots of software changes that prepare iPhones and iPads for Apple’s upcoming subscription services such as highly anticipated video streaming platform. However, the video streaming platform and iOS 12.3 are not going to be our topic of discussion for … Read more

Here are the Best iOS 12 Secret Features

Secret iOS 12 Features

One of the biggest advantages that having an iPhone brings is getting firsthand access to Apple’s latest updates. The Cupertino based tech giant puts all its focus on iOS updates because this premium operating system is what separates iPhones from Android-powered devices the most. Nonetheless, the latest update for iPhone is called iOS 12 and … Read more

Apple Needs to Improve Battery Life – Survey Shows

Better Battery On iPhone

We are only a couple of days away from Apple’s upcoming event where three new iPhones are scheduled to be revealed. This is getting iPhone fans excited because the internet has been buzzing with leaks that showed everyone that Apple has big plans for the future, including a massive iPhone that will sport a 6.5-inches … Read more

macOS Mojave: Here are the Top Five New Features

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As we are getting closer to September 12th, rumors and speculations about Apple’s upcoming devices and software tweaks keep popping up on the web. Everyone is curious to see what Apple has in store for the future and today we are going to check out what’s new in macOS Mojave. This is one of the … Read more

How to Clear RAM Memory on iPhone and iPad

How to Clear iPhone and iPad RAM Memory

For smartphone users, clearing data, documents, history, cache, storage etc. is quite essential. To ensure smooth functioning of your iPhone or iPad, you need to clear RAM on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11 or iOS 10 at regular intervals. Flushing the RAM memory and regular spring-cleaning of your iOS devices remove the unnecessary stuff … Read more

How to Transfer Gmail Contacts to iCloud Account

How to Transfer Gmail Contacts to iCloud Account

Your iCloud account can help you sync your contacts and probably, for this reason, you may not want Google Contacts on your iPhone or iPad. In case you have synced your Google and iCloud contacts on your iOS device, you may have to face the issue of duplicate contacts. To avoid this situation, simply disable … Read more