MacBook Pro Touch Bar Best Tips and Tricks in 2022

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Apple is always looking for new ways to innovate the design and performances of its devices with the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar being the perfect example of that. The Touch Bar looks amazing and it puts lots of useful features at your fingertips. Despite being so useful, most MacBook Pro users forget to use it. … Read more

Top Five Best MacBook and MacBook Pro Accessories

Best MacBook Accessories

Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro devices are renowned for their outstanding performances and sleek designs. However, these devices do lack some features that Apple doesn’t want to implement because it might risk raising the price of all MacBooks. Fortunately, Apple is letting third-party sellers develop special accessories that help users take the performances of MacBook … Read more

How to Record Screen on Mac in macOS Mojave

How to record Mac Screen in macOS Mojave

By providing a new tool, Apple made screen recording on macOS Mojave feature supper handy. Now you don’t have to rely on quick time player to record Mac screen. So here, we have created a complete guide on how to record Mac screen in macOS Mojave 10.14 using this new feature. If you ever needed … Read more

Best Adjustable Standing Desk for Mac/ MacBook Pro You Can Buy

Best Adjustable Standing Desk for Mac: MacBook Pro:Air

Over the years, standing desk converters have become very popular. They help to make workspace more active and give greater freedom to people. A lot of desks offer multiple tiers to stack different products. Some desks also have an aluminum finish to give it an elegant look. Due to the rising fame, there are more … Read more

How to View Calendar Events as a List on Mac

How to View Calendar Events as a List on Mac

When you create calendar events on your Mac, they will list in a haphazard manner. The Calendar app in macOS is incapable of displaying a list view of events. A bunch of calendar events displayed in a list view gives a decent look. However, with a simple trick, you can display all calendar events as … Read more

How to Schedule an Email to Send Later on Mac

How to Schedule an Email to Send Later on Mac Using Spark App

Spark app, which is used to schedule emails on iPhone and iPad, can also be used on your Mac for the same purpose. It has been noticed that people love to use this app to schedule meeting emails on their Mac. The method of setting an email schedule on Mac is the same as you … Read more

How to Print Screen on a Mac? Beginner’s Guide

How to Print Screen on a Mac

Taking a screenshot of your Mac comes handy when you are not able to save something and still want a record of the screen. For example, a group chats with your colleagues or a web page that is most likely to be deleted in near future. Windows users can easily take a print screen by … Read more