How to Find a WiFi Password on Mac

How to Find Wifi Password on Mac

For Mac users, finding a WiFi password is a daunting task. Once they set up password for their Wi-fi network at home or their own office, they hardly need to remember the password as they just have to connect their Mac with network by a single click. But when they have to connect a new … Read more

How to Share WiFi Password in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad

How to Share Wi-Fi Password in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad

When you receive a few guests at home, a welcome drink shows how courteous you are. But if you share your Wi-Fi password, you will be awarded as the best host of the world. Jokes apart, sharing a Wi-Fi password on iPhone and iPad is like rolling out welcome mat for your guests or friends. … Read more

How to Bypass Android’s Lock Screen Password or Pattern Lock

How to Bypass Android Lock Screen Pattern, PIN or Password

You lock your Android phone screen to protect your data and information from prying eyes. Normally, your friends and family would never dare to steal your sensitive data; but when your phone is stolen by somebody, the very idea of data theft sends a chill down your spine. Sometimes, your friends may play pranks and … Read more

How to Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock(Password) on Android

Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock on Android Phones How-to

Your smart device is your digital vault or wallet, where you store much important and confidential information like your ATM PIN, net banking passwords, and other important passcodes. Though a number of wrong attempts can block Android devices, people still prefer to have a pattern lock or password on the screen. Normally you keep the … Read more

iPhone Keeps Asking For Apple ID Password: How to Fix This?

iPhone Keeps Asking For Apple ID Password

Apple continues to surprise its users with its trademark software hiccups after launching iOS. This time, like earlier, iPhone keeps popping up for Apple ID password once you update your iPhone to iOS 11 or iOS 10. This glitch also occurs when users restore their iPhones. In any case, you need to get rid of this … Read more