How to Play SoundCloud, Pandora and Spotify Playlist on HomePod

How to Play Amazon Prime Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify Playlist on HomePod

Streaming any music service to your HomePod is a tuneful experience as you can spice up your music listening. Though you are incapable of controlling playback using HomePad, you can play any audio from iPhone or iPad on HomePod using AirPlay Peer-to-Peer feature. Surprisingly, you can even stream Amazon Prime Music on HomePod (apart from … Read more

Sound Cloud, Pandora and Spotify Not Working on HomePod ? How to Fix

Sound Cloud, Pandora, and Spotify Not Working on HomePod

Today morning when I was having my breakfast, I tried connecting my Spotify Playlist library with Apple HomePod using Peer-to-peer AirPlay feature, but it suddenly failed to connect and couldn’t play my music playlist. So I tried troubleshooting my Apple smart speaker to know why Spotify Not Playing music on HomePod? After digging into it, … Read more

How to Play Apple Music and Spotify Playlists on Sonos One

How to Play Apple Music, Spotify Songs, and Playlists on Sonos One

Packed with 54 music services, Sonos One is surely leading the pack in smart speakers category. While Amazon’s Echo devices and Google Home have limited strength to befriend with other music services, people would love to integrate Apple Music, Spotify songs and playlists on their Sonos One. The brand is the first high-end product that … Read more

Get Spotify Premium Account for FREE on Android and iPhone

Human nature is the same everywhere. Everybody wants a free lunch and free music as well. Welcome to the world of subscribed music! And when it comes to music, people want to get Spotify premium account for free on iPhone and Android. Spotify’s free music streaming service has many limitations; users cannot download music for … Read more

How to Use Spotify on Amazon Echo

How to Use Spotify on Amazon Echo

Congrats for buying the new Amazon Echo! We bet that you are totally in love with this gizmo and learning new things with each passing day. If using Spotify with Amazon Echo is one of the things on your learning list, then you will be happy to know that we are here to help you … Read more

How to Play Spotify Music Playlist on Google Home

How to Play Spotify Music Playlist on Google Home

No music lover in this world would like to compromise his/her favorite music tracks, no matter which device is being used for listening music. If you have recently bought Google home for yourself and want to play Spotify music on Google Home for which you have created a playlist , then we can help you … Read more

How to Download Spotify in India on iPhone or iPad

How to Download Spotify in India on iPhone or iPad

Spotify is arguably the best music streaming service across the world. But it is not available for Indian music lovers (there is huge scope, Spotify) unlike its rival Apple Music, which has been launched pretty early. While team Spotify mull over the idea of launching its services in India, you can follow a workaround and … Read more