How to Disable or Turn off FaceBook Messenger Day on Android

How to Turn Off Facebook Messenger Day on Android

We have all loved Facebook for its originality and the innovative features the social media channel brought to the platform. This being said, currently Facebook is ripping off features from all over the place. For example, recently Facebook ripped off the Stories feature from SnapChat and turned that into My Day or Messenger Day. If … Read more

How to Turn Off Apple TV: All Models

How to Turn Off Apple TV

When you bring the latest Apple TV home, you are all excited to use it immediately (you can’t curb your excitement, it happens). But when you see the product, you realize that there are no buttons on it. You wonder how one can turn off Apple TV. But in the first place, how one can … Read more

How to Turn Off Icon Notification Badges on Galaxy S8

How to Turn Off Icon Notification Badges on Your Galaxy S8

If you have moved from an iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 recently, you must have noticed many changes in the way you receive notifications on your apps. On your iPhone, apps display number of unread notifications on the app icon – on top right corner. Similarly, Samsung has introduced this feature in its Galaxy S8 … Read more