Best Wearable Tech for Women and Men You Can Buy

Best Wearable Tech

Wearable technologies are becoming a modern trend in the daily hustle of lifestyle. Be it wristbands, sunglasses, or any device that falls in this category values the social norms. All these voltaic smart devices help you to keep track of your activities, health, fitness and enable you to improve for the better. That’s why we … Read more

How to Find Apple Watch Serial Number or IMEI

There are some occasions when iOS, macOS, and watchOS users have to contact Apple Support. Normally, we provide comprehensive guides on different issues, but when things are not in our hands, we advise our readers to contact consumer support of respective product brands. And this is when you need to know the serial number or … Read more

How to Pair and Use Multiple Apple Watches With iPhone

How to Switch Between Multiple Apple Watches With Your iPhone

People buy Apple Watch for two reasons: they want to get every notification on their watch and they want to measure their fitness activities. It is universally accepted that Apple Watch is the best fitness tracker, and this makes it more desirable. To serve the dual purpose of getting notifications and tracking fitness, people buy … Read more