How to Connect Apple Watch Series 3 to WiFi

How to Connect Apple Watch Series 3 to WiFi

Year 2017 marks the independence of Apple Watch from iPhone as you can use cellular data on your Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular). However, if you have purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 without Cellular feature, you can use WiFi network on your watch. Moreover, you can connect your cellular Apple Watch with … Read more

How to Find a WiFi Password on Mac

How to Find Wifi Password on Mac

For Mac users, finding a WiFi password is a daunting task. Once they set up password for their Wi-fi network at home or their own office, they hardly need to remember the password as they just have to connect their Mac with network by a single click. But when they have to connect a new … Read more

How to See Who is Using Your WiFi on Android Phone

How to Check Who is Connected To Your WiFi on Android

If you want to see who is using your WiFi on Android, this information shares every detail to solve the problem. People keep sharing their WiFi password with their neighbours; but then those freeloaders keep using free WiFi for many days, or sometimes weeks. All of a sudden, you realize and ponder over: who is … Read more

How to Fix Google Pixel and Pixel XL Wi-Fi Issues

How to Fix Google Pixel and Pixel XL Wi-Fi Problems

Even as users are exploring new features and specifications of Google Pixel phones, the two smartphones have begun to face issues in connecting to Wi-Fi networks. This leaves users clueless as to what to do next. The phones are relatively new to all, and therefore, it has created much trouble among users. Moreover, Wi-Fi network … Read more