How to Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

The Infinity Display has taken a toll on that physical home button that users could always see on the front of their Samsung phones. In the presence of countless features, users will always miss that button. Okay, so if you have overcome the shock of absence of home button, you can check other excellent features of your new Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus features.

Samsung is smart enough to assign the tasks of home button to other parts of Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, but people are really curious to know how they can take a screenshot on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. I don’t know how much familiar you are with Samsung phones, but if S8 is your first Samsung phone, you would like to know how to take a screenshot on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Here, we explain two methods to take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.

How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus (with button shortcut)

Step #1: Once you have decided you want to take a screenshot of any app or page, you need to press volume down button and power button simultaneously.

Step #2: You can hear that camera shutter sound and can see a short flashing animation. You have done it – screenshot is taken.

You can check this screenshot in photo gallery app on your phone or Samsung’s My Files browser or if you have synced photos with Google Photos, go there and check the screenshot.

You can also see screenshot from a command line or through Android File Transfer tool; you can find them in Pictures → Screenshots.

How to Take a Screenshot by Swiping Screen

Step #1: Hold your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus in your one hand; please note that your finger or thumb should not be on the screen.

Step #2: Next, simply swipe your entire hand (palm area) across the screen from left to right.

It is done! You can hear that camera shutter click and see a screenshot animation flashes on your phone.

If you are not comfortable with this method (it is enabled by default by Samsung, though), you can turn it off from the Settings. This method may prompt accidental screenshot spree in a day.

Step #1: Launch Settings app.

Step #2: Scroll down to Motion and select Motions and gestures.

Step #3: Tap on Palm swipe to capture.

Step #4: Finally, toggle this option OFF.

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Galaxy S8

Sometimes you may want to take a screenshot of a long chat conversation on WhatsApp or Google Hangouts (just for a record), you can take a scrolling screenshot on your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.

Remember that taking scrolling screenshot is not just a privilege on S8 and S8 Plus; this feature is there since long, probably when Samsung released Note 5. Samsung owners earlier used TouchWiz framework to take scrolling screenshots on Android phone. Apart from TouchWiz framework, Android users have to use an app to take scrolling screenshots. But here in their Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, users are not required to download any third-party app.

Step #1: Take a screenshot as usual.

Step #2: Next, tap on Capture more option to scroll down and take more of the screen.

Step #3: Continue tapping on the screen until you have taken what you want to or reach the end of page.

A word of caution

Scrolling screenshots can be large files on your phone’s memory. Single-screen captures are output at full resolution of 1440×2690. However, the width gets shrunk to 1080 pixels after continuous grabs. The entire screenshot is saved as a JPEG instead of a PNG. A single screenshot can measure in 6 or 7MB on your phone.

That’s it!

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