iPhone X is truly a revolutionary product from Apple factory as for the first time Apple has designed a phone without home button. However, this revolution brings a lot of troubles for those who want to take screenshots on their iPhones. If you wonder how you will be able to take screenshots on iPhone X, here is solution.

Screenshots from iPhone are the best memories you have created while you are watching videos or playing interesting games (where you score well). Apart from fun, capturing screenshots on Apple iPhone is your need when you face any software bug or technical issue. Until now, you have been taking screenshots on Apple iPhone by pressing home and power buttons simultaneously. But this time, Apple has removed home button on its flagship iPhone X. So it is a challenge for any user to capture screenshots on Apple iPhone X without using home button.

How to Take Screenshots on iPhone X

Step #1: First off, launch an app or go to the screen you want to take screenshots of.

Step #2: Adjust the screen so that you can capture the perfect area in your screenshot.

Step #3: Now press and hold the Side button given on the right side of your iPhone X.

Step #4: At the same time, you have to press Volume Up button on your iPhone X. Note that the home button is thus replaced by volume up button in taking screenshots on iPhone X.

Press Slide Button and Volume UP button to take screen shot on iPhone X

Step #5: You can see a bright flash on your iPhone X screen as you can listen to camera shutter sound.

Once you capture screenshots on Apple iPhone X, they will be stored in your Photos app.

This was the procedure to take screenshots with the help of hardware. But when your iPhone X hardware fails to deliver results, you need another procedure to take screenshots on your iPhone X. You can use Apple’s AssistiveTouch, which is a virtual home button floats on your iOS device. By using this virtual home button, you can take screenshots in iPhone X without using side button and volume up button.

Apple iPhones never give you a facility to capture scrolling screenshots, and therefore, users have to rely on third-party app. For any reason, if you want to capture scrolling screenshots on your iPhone X, you can do this after downloading a third-party iPhone app.

That’s it!

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