Writing a tutorial for taking screenshots on any smartphone is funny. At the back of your mind, you may laugh off the idea of learning how to take screenshots; but when you have to take screenshot, you fumble for the right action. With the launch of every new smartphone, people begin to search about taking screenshots. Same happens with OnePlus 5; users want to know how to take screenshots on OnePlus 5.

It is quite easy to take screenshots on OnePlus 5; but then you need to do more with that screenshot. Once screenshot on OnePlus 5 is taken, you can edit and share the same. Moreover, OnePlus 5 offers a feature to use gesture or three-finger touch to take screenshots. Users, who don’t want to use physical buttons, can use gesture to take screenshots on OnePlus 5. And last but not the least – scrolling screenshot. This feature is popular among both Android and iOS users. Though there can be different methods to take scrolling screenshots on Android and iPhone, results are more or less the same.

How to Take Screenshots on OnePlus 5

So you have decided to take screenshots on OnePlus5. Taking screenshots is a good habit especially when you have to send important mails and documents from your phone. Screenshots are your records and proof that you can produce later whenever needed.

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Take Screenshots on OnePlus 5 with Hardware Buttons

Step #1: You should be on the screen you want to capture with screenshot on your OnePlus 5.

Step #2: Now press and hold Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously for a few seconds.

Take Screenshots on OnePlus 5 with Hardware Buttons

Step #3: You will hear camera shutter sound after a few seconds; this confirms your screenshot is taken.

Step #4: You can check the screenshot from notification bar; if it is not taken properly, take another screenshot by following above steps.

Take Screenshots on OnePlus 5 with Gesture or Three-Finger Touch

As far as possible, a smart user would always avoid using physical buttons because s/he knows the value of hardware. To take screenshots on your OnePlus 5, you can avoid using hardware buttons as the phone has the feature of gesture or three-finger touch.

Step #1: Open Settings on your OnePlus 5.

Step #2: Now tap on Gesture.

Step #3: You need to enable ‘Three-Finger Screenshot’ option.

Step #4: Next, go to the screen you want to take screenshot of.

Step #5: Swipe your three fingers down on screen from top to bottom, and the screenshot is taken.

Take Scrolling Screenshots on OnePlus 5

Normally, users take scrolling screenshots of long chat they conduct with their colleagues or business associates. Taking scrolling screenshots on OnePlus 5 requires patience from your end.

Step #1: Go to the screen you want to take scrolling screenshot of.

Step #2: Now press and hold Power and Volume down button at the same time until you see screen animation.

Step #3: You can see a toolbar at the bottom of your phone screen; on the right of the center of the bar, there appears a button that looks like a phone screen. You need to tap on this button.

Step #4: Your phone will start scrolling down the screen and start taking longer screenshots.

Step #5: You can tap on phone display to manually stop the scrolling screenshot. The phone will stop taking scrolling screenshots automatically when it reaches a maximum image file size or it reaches the bottom of screen.

How to Edit and Share Screenshots on OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 allows you to edit your screenshot before you share it with others.

Step #1: Once you take screenshots on OnePlus 5 with physical buttons or gesture, you can see a toolbar at the bottom; along with the toolbar, you can also see some options.

Step #2: You can share your screenshot without editing it. For this, tap on the button seen to extreme left and you will be able to share the screenshot.

Step #3: On the pop-up toolbar that appears after taking screenshot, you can use the Pencil icon to edit your screenshot.

That’s done!

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