Taking Screenshot is considered to be a vital feature of any smartphone. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, users will see lots of enhancement to this feature. It allows you to take screenshots in different ways. The fusion of S Pen along with Note 8 allows the user to capture a small portion of the screen, the whole screen, or beyond what is visible to your eyes. You can even make a page compact in the form of a scroll and take screenshots from different sections of that page. This is known is “Scroll Capture”. Let’s explore and learn how to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

How to Take one-page screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Capturing a single screen screenshot is the most common and simplest. Note 8 offers two different ways of doing this type of screenshot:

How to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using a combination of keys

Step 1: Open the source from which you want to take the screenshot of.

Step 2: Press and hold the Power Button and Volume Down Button for two seconds. Remember, press them at the same time.

Step 3: The screen will flash and the screenshot content will appear on the screen.

You’ll notice an icon of image file on the notification panel which indicates that the screenshot have been saved in your storage. Swipe down the notification panel from top and you’ll see the image in half portion. Tap to open and display the full image. It will also be available for sharing immediately.

How to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using a palm swipe

Before using this method, go to the phone’s Settings → Advanced features. Check whether the “Palm swipe to capture” is enabled or not. Enable it otherwise.

Step 1: Open the content.

Step 2: Place your palm vertically on the left or right edge of the screen.

Step 3: Swipe your palm all the way to the other edge without lifting it from the screen.

Step 4: The screen will flash and the screenshot content will appear on the screen.

Alignment of the palm must be correct otherwise sliding on the screen may not do a successful screenshot.

Capture more…

After every screenshot, you’ll see a couple of options at the bottom of the screen. Those options also include “Scroll Capture”. This option makes the phone scroll through the content of the screen and takes screenshots from different sections. This feature is basically used for taking screenshots of a full webpage, long stretch of menus and contents which do not fit on the screen completely. After capturing, they are shown all at once, one below the other in a vertically panoramic view. You will also be displayed the option to share the scroll captured image instantly after taking it.

Capture Screenshots on Galaxy Note 8 with S Pen and Screen Write

Screen Capture on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 allows you to edit the screenshot with S Pen. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the content of your choice.

Step 2: Take out the S pen and the Air Command will launch.

Step 3: Select “Screen Write”. A screenshot will be taken.

Step 4: You’ll be taken to an editing area where you can use your S Pen to edit the content. At the top panel you’ll notice many options such as changing the color of the Pen or Pencil, Redo and Undo Buttons, eraser and many more.

Step 5: You can either share the image or crop it. After all these have been done, simply save the newly edited image and exit.

Taking screenshots have never been so fun than now with the new features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the S Pen.

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