How to Take Selfie on Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show clearly stands out in the group of its Echo siblings. Unlike Echo, Tap, and Dot, Echo Show has camera and screen. And when it comes to Camera, everybody loves to take picture and selfie.

So once you set up Amazon Echo Show, you can start exploring its camera and screen feature. To begin with, we will deal with how to take selfie on Amazon Echo Show.

Before you take selfie on Amazon Echo Show, note that you are dealing with a screen.

And if the screen is damaged, there can be some issues with the results. I would suggest you to protect the screen with Amazon Echo Show screen protectors.

How to Take Selfie on Amazon Echo Show


How to Take, View and Delete Selfie on Amazon Echo Show

How to Take Selfie on Amazon Echo Show

How to Take Selfie on Amazon Echo Show

Taking a selfie on Amazon Echo Show is as easy as ABC. You have to say a simple command to your Show. Simply speak, “Alexa, take my picture”, or you can say, “Alexa, take a picture”. This will invoke camera options.

Your device will prompt you to choose a camera type before it takes your picture. Single Shot, Sticker Mode, and Four Shot are three options Echo Show offers.

Single Shot takes a standard picture; Sticker Mode places a colourful sticker filter on top; and Four Shot captures four pictures at the interval of one second and shows each picture in a square framework.

You can select any one from the three camera options: either speak the name of the camera or simply say the number.

Echo Show will initiate a timer that lasts for five seconds; after five seconds, Alexa will click your picture. And All Photo Booth pictures will be sent to your Amazon Photos library.


How to View Pictures on Amazon Echo Show

To view pictures taken by you on Echo Show, you need to speak to Alexa to ‘Take a picture’. This will take you to camera options, where you need to select to see your Photo Booth album and not any camera options.

The Photo Booth album is number four on the list of camera options. Apart from viewing pictures you have taken on Echo Show, you can also check pictures stored in Amazon Prime Photos.

For this, say “Alexa, show me my photo albums”. Alexa will display your Prime Photos albums. From the Prime Photos albums, you can choose Photo Booth album to view photos you have taken on Echo Show.


How to Delete a Picture Taken by You on Amazon Echo Show

How to Delete a Picture Taken by You on Amazon Echo Show

Sorry, you can’t use Alexa to delete photos. But there is an alternative. You can go to your Amazon Prime Photos account to delete photos from there. You can either go to or Prime Photos app to access your photos. Follow the steps mentioned below to delete photos in Prime Photos app.

Step #1: Open Prime Photos app on your iPhone/iPad or Android phone.

Step #2: Now tap on Albums from the bottom of screen.

Step #3: Next, tap on Photo Booth.

Step #4: You need to choose the photo you wish to delete.

Step #5: Here, tap the More button (three horizontal dots) from top right corner of device screen.

Step #6: Tap on Delete and then tap on Move to Trash to confirm your action.

So this is how you can take selfie/picture, view picture and delete photos on your Amazon Echo Show.

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